Wednesday, November 29, 2023

And Still Out There

           This is the last week of November, and therefore my last November post. Both of my November releases have been published now. And yes, I’m still out there, letting people know about them. As I’ve mentioned, they are my 60th and 61st traditional releases!

Yes, my second book this month has now been published too. It’s CSI COLTON AND THE WITNESS, my story in this year’s Coltons series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense, the Coltons of New York. And as I’ve  mentioned several times before, my second Alaska Untamed mystery CRY WOLF was published earlier this month.

My blog tour ended yesterday—and I really enjoyed checking out all the posts, some of which I wrote, or my protagonist did, and others were reviews.

Yesterday, I also did a chat about my latest releases at Writerspace. An interview, actually, on Facebook. It was a lot of fun, going over my whole history of writing in addition to information about my current releases. In case you’re interested in hearing more of my writing life, here’s the link:  And yes, I did manage to pick my pup Roxie up a couple of times so she showed up during the interview too. Plus, she wanted to play fetch as usual, so her squeaky toys sounded now and then.

More online stuff for promotion? Well, I’m always doing blogs… like this one. And maybe there’ll be more. Plus, I have a book signing coming up at a local mystery bookstore in a couple of weeks. I’m always ready to do whatever I can to let the world know about my published stories!


Patty Jenkins said...

Good morning -- Wow, you've been one busy woman!! My copy of the newest Colton book is scheduled to be delivered on Friday -- looking forward to reading it.

I'm doing fine -- the usual puttering around the condo and lots of crocheting. My poor daughter has covid for the second time -- both times after being fully vaccinated and boosted. She said she is sicker this time than ever before. Crazy stuff -- there doesn't seem to be any way to avoid it. I am incredibly lucky -- I have't had so much as a sniffle since 2014 -- my doctor said he'd be out of business if everyone was as healthy as I am. Fingers crossed it continues.

My son and I ran errands yesterday -- I don't do a lot for Christmas but have started shopping. My daughter's birthday is Dec. 12 and we've always decorated the house on the Sunday closest to that date. I read a blog where the woman says it takes her 33 days to decorate her house -- it takes me about 33 minutes!! When the kids were little, I did more but now it's mostly wreaths on three tables, several Santa figures, a snowman cookie jar, holiday pillows and towels. Happy holidays!!

Enjoy your day, your writing and your dogs.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Good morning, Patty. So glad you're getting the newest Colton book!

Sorry to hear about our daughter's covid, but I'm delighted to hear about your good health.

Have fun with your errands, shopping and decorating. Happy holidays to you, and enjoy your day as well.

Betty Hechtman said...

It sounds like you had a busy November. Funny how pets show up when you're doing an online interview. One of my cats seems to know when I'm doing one. Or maybe she just thinks I've lost it and am talking to myself and wants to comfort me.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Our Roxie likes to show up anytime I'm on the phone or the computer, bringing a toy for me to throw so she can fetch. She doesn't pay attention to whether I'm being interviewed. But how fun that your cat may want to comfort you!