Friday, December 8, 2023

Counting Down the Days Until Christmas

Everybody seems to be putting out an Advent calendar now.  It used to be just something like the ones at Trader Joe's that cost a couple of bucks and have little bits of chocolate.  The cost has gone up and the surprises have things like cute little jars of exotic jams, cosmetics and fancy chocolate.  I saw one put out by Harrod's store online and I have no idea what was inside, but I wanted it anyway.

 The packaging was appealing.  But even more appealing was the idea there were wonderful surprises waiting to be discovered.  I didn't order it.  There was no price listed which I took to mean expensive.  Just now I looked to see if I could find a price and I saw listings on Ebay for over $500.

Sees Candies put out one for $50 which looked fun, but I'm probably the only person in the world like this, but I'm not that into chocolate.

However, when the company that made the kit for the crocheted lion I blogged about started sending me emails about their Advent calendar, I was interested.  I fell for the line that they were selling out and though it was a little pricey, convinced myself that it was really research since they specialize in kits for little toys and my next project involves a character who makes toys.

Apparently, they did really sell out their stock and I had to wait until they got a second round of stock.  Online it looked like a box with some drawers, but it was hard to tell the size.

It turned out to be an impressive size and  well made enough that I will use it afterward to store some of my crochet stuff.

I didn't peek and waited until December 1, to see what the surprises were.  So far, there have been kits to make holiday items like a small Santa bag and a Christmas tree.  There were ornament hangers, so I'm guessing they are meant to be hung on a tree.   I finished the Santa bag and am about to start the Christmas tree.  I love that they are quick to make and as before the instructions are quite good.  It is working out to be research as I am learning more and more about making little projects and what makes them adorable.

I love that there are really quick to make.  It is very satisfying to finish something.  I can hang them on a tree with no worries they will break like glass ornaments.  I can't wait to see what else is hidden in those little drawers.

This is turning out to be the coolest kind of calendar.  I am enjoying the surprises  and instead of piece of chocolate that gets eaten and forgotten, I will have something to keep for the future.


Patty Jenkins said...

Good morning -- That sounds like a great kit and useful, too. I haven't had any sort of Advent calendar in years -- they were really inexpensive last time I bought one. We do the Advent wreath and candles each Sunday of the season -- an artificial wreath that has been around for years so expense is minimal!!

I've been doing a lot of crocheting, as always -- finished the shawl I'm giving a neighbor, have another to do, then back to Project Linus blankets. Not that I need more yarn but I discovered a yarn that works beautifully for blankets -- Red Heart "Speckle." I've bought the pink, blue and white so far. The blue yarn has the same color specks as the white yarn so they will blend beautifully in a blanket. There is also a gray I may be forced to buy since the PL coordinator has asked for more boy-friendly blankets!! I'll call it a Christmas present to myself. Now if I just live to 110 to use all my yarn!!

My son has been plagued with a very large raccoon coming into his yard every night. It sets off the Ring camera. He has a small pond and is worried the critter will get his fish. Someone told him to get a coyote figurine and put it near the pond -- supposed to scare the raccoon away. He ordered one -- we'll see if it works.

Lawn guys are starting work -- their leaf blowers sound like a 747 in the yard -- so loud. They seeded with winter rye a few weeks ago -- looks very lush and green.

Enjoy your weekend -- and your crocheting.

Betty Hechtman said...

Patty, It sounds like you have a lot of crocheting going on. Raccoons are characters. We had a bunch running through our yard and one of them was at the door (mostly glass) looking . I hope the figurine works.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Interesting description of Advent calendars, Betty. I haven't really been into them, but maybe I should check some out!

Miss Merry said...

A small ice cream shop in our area offered an advent calendar with small cups of different flavors of ice cream! I was tempted!

Sally Morrison said...

My daughter-in-law does a 12 Days of Christmas party early in December. She has a huge house so she invites three groups of 12 and each person brings 12 identical gifts. Each person is given a number and one of three colors and wraps their gifts the same. On the night of the event we eat good food, chat, play games, sing Christmas songs and then we are given a shopping bag where we go to our assigned color and pick up 12 gifts. Starting the 13th of December you open one gift each day. It is a fun way to celebrate Christmas with your girlfriends and celebrate yourself with a little gift each day. It's really fun.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda O. Johnston, this is the first year I noticed all the different Advent calendars. I have always loved mystery boxes and grab bags at holiday bazaars and all these Advent calendars seems in the same vein.

Betty Hechtman said...

Miss Merry, the ice cream idea sounds like fun. It's a cool way to try something different.

Betty Hechtman said...

Sally, what a great way to celebrate the season instead of just one day.