Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Happy Valentine's Day!

             For someone who writes romantic suspense as well as mysteries, this is definitely a special day. It helps that I’ve been happily married for quite a while. And that I consider my kids, grandsons and pups also loves of my life. 

             I’m nearly ready to send my current manuscript to my beta reader to critique. I know it needs some work, but having someone else’s suggestions is always helpful. 

            And weather or not, things have been sort of chilly for L.A. but dry for now. Although we’re told that’s likely to change again this weekend. We’ve already had more than 10 inches of rain in our area—and yes, we have a measuring gauge.

             If you’re on Facebook, be sure to check out my home page there. I’ve posted a couple of pictures there of me and each of my two pups—as well as the cover of one of my new audio versions of my Kendra Ballantyne, Pet-Sitter Mysteries. Fun! 

            Enjoy whatever you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day!



Patty said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!! Yes, it is a special day when you've been married happily for years, as was I, and have family that you love. I always made my husband a heart-shaped meatloaf, and scalloped potatoes with a heart shape on top made from red pepper pieces.

The rain in your area has been incredible. Hope you dry out soon. It's been chilly here -- I'm ready for warmer weather, which will happen soon. Then get hot and hotter!!

A few of my patio plants have leaves that look bad because of the cold -- I need to repot a few things. After a few summers here, I'm learning what plants can or can't survive the brutal summer sun. Plants that took full sun in Texas burn to a crisp here. I have mostly succulents which can look surprisingly lush.

I continue to do a lot of crocheting -- working through my stash but have a long way to go to use all of it. That will probably never happen as there is always something popping up to buy -- gotta try the new things!!

Enjoy your day, your family, your writing.

Linda O. Johnston said...

This is also our engagement anniversary, Patty, which makes the day even more special.

Dry here now but more rain expected soon. They keep changing the day it's likely to start, but sometime over the weekend or next Monday.

Sorry your plants aren't doing well. I hope you can get them to survive. Sounds like you're taking good care of them.

Have fun with your crocheting!

Sally Morrison said...

Oh my goodness! Just went to your Facebook page. Your pups are adorable. Thanks for sharing. Hope sun is on its way soon!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Sally. I kind of like those pups. :)

Betty Hechtman said...

Congrats on the audio!