Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crochet Photos

A while back I got several emails from people suggesting I post photos of the crochet patterns included in my books on my website. Since there aren’t photographs of the finished products in the books, it did seem like a good idea. A good idea, but something I would have to focus on to complete, so I put it off.

The combination of my web guy saying he was going to Africa for six weeks and the fact that I was making some changes to my website finally got me to get it together to do the pictures. It sounds easy, particularly these days with digital cameras. Just snap a few pictures and upload them. Well, it isn’t quite that easy.

First, I couldn’t find any of the Filet Bookmarks from By Hook or By Crook, so I had to make another one. Ditto with the Granny Square Washcloth from Hooked on Murder, though it went a lot faster. Where to take the photos was also an issue. I thought of a bench in my yard that gets nice light, but finally turned my dinging room into my photo studio. The three french doors with a southern exposure let in good light. Then there was the matter of how to display the projects. The bookmark and granny square were pretty easy. My son lent me a black fuzzy board that made a good backdrop for the smaller pieces. I wanted to get a dress form to put the Hugs of Comfort shawl from Dead Men Don't Crochet on. Well, I was looking for an excuse to get one anyway. Joann’s had them on sale, but when I went to the local super store expecting to buy one, I found out they are by order only.

I couldn’t wait for the dress form - remember my web guy is off to Africa next Monday. So, my dining room chair got to wear the shawl. I used the same chair to drape the Cuddle Blanket from By Hook or By Crook over. That was after I got my cat off of the shawl and cuddle blanket. He had rolled them together and was on the way to turning them into a cat coccoon. He left his mark on the black fuzzy board, too. Thank heavens for those lint remover wands.

I popped my memory stick in my computer and looked through the photos. The cat was in on that too. Fourteen pound Rocky has this habit of coming up behind me and jumping over the back of my chair and landing on my shoulders, then working his way into my lap where he does his best to get me to pay attention to him instead of whatever I’m trying to do. So, it took longer than it could have to choose the photos and send them to my web guy.

There was a lot of back and forth between us getting it straight what photo went with what book. Who could blame him? There are a lot of hooks in the titles and he isn’t a crocheter.

Now at last the photos are in the right order and connected with the right book and out there for everyone to see at


Linda O. Johnston said...

What a great idea, Betty! It's really fun to take a look at your lovely crochet projects on your website and connect them with your stories. Way to go!

Betty Hechtman said...

Thanks, Linda. It feels good to finally have gotten it together.

Camille Minichino said...

Nice job, Betty, and I understand completely about the difficulty of photographing crafts. Getting the right light, the right focus, especially for small pieces isn't easy. Thanks for persevering!

Betty Hechtman said...

Camille, photographing your miniatures with all their wonderful details must be a real challenge.

Bev said...

Thank you for posting the pictures. I just finished reading Hooked on Crochet and can't wait to start the shawl. I would like to see the directions posted also. Since I read library books (and request them to purchase many of them), I cannot keep the directions. It would be so much easier to copy them to my own file or at least print out 1 copy to carry with me while I'm working on a project.