Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Happy Birthday, Cari!

Time passes quickly these days, and one event in particular made that most apparent this week: yesterday was my puppy Cari's first birthday!

She is a member of our family, of course, and has been for about ten months now.  Though we've taken her to classes, she continues our family tradition of having our dogs train us more than the other way around. She's bigger than her stepsister Mystie, who will be 10 in December.  She's the cuddliest Cavalier we've had, and Cavaliers tend to be cuddly dogs.

One of the many cute things about Cari is that she is getting into the habit of insisting on some cuddle time on my lap while I'm at the computer--which is, of course, most of the day.  It's not easy to type around her, so it's easier to edit than to write, but I manage both.

I still miss Lexie, Cari's predecessor tricolor Cavalier, whom we lost almost exactly a year ago. She was special in other ways.  It's fun that, even having the same breed so there's a physical resemblance and general behavioral similarities, none of them have exactly the same personality.

Anyway... writing, and Cari isn't on my lap at the moment.  My latest--my last--Nocturne is moving along.  And this is actually a month that a new--sort of--Nocturne of mine is available.  That's PROTECTOR WOLF, which was actually published by itself in June, but it came out again this month in a 2-in-1 version along with Linda Thomas-Sundstrom's DESERT WOLF.  I've never seen a 2-in-1 in stores here in California, but I know they're available in some stores farther east of here--including in Indiana.

So--time to get back to our elongated birthday celebration.  Happy Day-After-Your-Birthday, Cari!

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