Thursday, October 19, 2017

Stalled by Craft Chaos

I had planned to show everyone everyone my process for my making page kits for a crop. I wasn't as productive (completed layouts wise) at the last crop I attended and the biggest difference was I hadn't preplanned any of the pages. With another crop coming up in November, I wanted to get some page kits together so I completed more layouts and I also didn't have to bring so much stuff it looked like I was moving in.

I gathered up all cruise/vacation/25th anniversary themed paper, embellishments, and cardstock in blues, silver, white, and Caribbean colors. Printed out all my pictures. Found my vacation themed stamps and ink colors that complement the papers. I cleared off my large crafting and got ready to work. Oops, forgot one thing. My stash of Ziploc bags. The central  component of my kit making.

So off I went to find them--and spent 2 hours looking for the safe place I put them so I didn't lose them during the craft room move of 2017. No luck. I now have come to the conclusion that the only way to locate the wayward bags is to finish the job of moving all my craft supplies upstairs...and purging some of them. This is the task I've been avoiding for the last six weeks. I can't believe how much stuff I've accumulated over the years, and the fact is I'll never be able to use it all and some of the items no longer speak to me as my scrapbooking style has changed, and to be honest I either bought on a whim or because it was a really great sale price.

Now the easiest thing to do would be buy more Ziploc bags. It would definitely had taken me less time, but I really don't want to go buy more as I know there are 25+ bags just waiting for me to discover them among the craft chaos. But I do need to get the items sorted out and put my new craft space and office together.

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