Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cake Backgrounds and Escape Rooms: New Trends

Every once in a while, I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. I’ll hear about a trend that’s a total surprise, something I know nothing about. Usually these tidbits come from younger members of my family.

This week, I learned of two, and I thought I’d share them with you.


I’d never seen a “cake background” before, but my new daughter-in-law, Chelsea, knew all about them. So on Wednesday, the day before she married my son, she brought along a cake background to hang behind her wedding cake. “You know with Pinterest, everyone is upping their game,” she said.

What exactly is a “cake background” or a “cake backdrop”? It’s a decorative banner or display designed to show off a cake or food items.


My sister told me about these. They’re a new type of entertainment where you are “locked” in a room and getting out is dependent on your ability to find and follow various clues. You might say that an “escape room” is a combination of a dinner mystery theatre, Clue (the board game) and a scavenger hunt.

I love learning about new trends. Both of these are such fun! Are you familiar with them?


Linda Donahue said...

Escape rooms, yes. Cake backgrounds, no, but I can see where they could come in handy and make the cake table look more festive.

scrappyrat said...

My extended family loves Escape Rooms. We've been to ones in different cities, with different storylines, even one where we were trapped in a room with a "zombie" (a really excellent actress and her "scientist" handler who was also very talented as well as being very funny.)

Never thought of banners as "cake backgrounds", though. I thought banners were just a thing on their own and the cake just happened to be positioned in front of one. Huh. long as there's cake, right? :)

Tricia Conner said...

We have at least two escape rooms in our city. I still haven't been to one! I've seen the cake backgrounds in pictures, just not in person. I really had no idea what they were!

Ellen said...

No to both of them for me. I don't like frou-frou, and if anything would set off claustrophobia in me, it'd be an escape room.

Murder mystery days? Somewhat better than escape rooms. I don't care that much for them, but if I'm stuck with one, I'll do it right. Mary and I were asked to be detectives at one of those. I think they were expecting your basic amateur sleuths -- but we planned ahead, got constables, and ran a modern investigation. Got the perp, too.