Thursday, November 2, 2017

Page Kit--Stage Two: It's All About the Paper

This week I'm going to show stage 2 of my process of making page kits. The second step is choosing the paper for the layout. The first thing I do is gather up the paper that will work with for the page (or in this case album). Since I have a storage container for vacation paper and embellishments, it wasn't that hard to gather up the best choices. Since the album is our cruise to the Caribbean, I picked out cardstock and pattern paper colors that complemented the blues, greens, and light browns that were in many of the pictures. I also pulled out some paper with silver in it as this was a trip for our 25th anniversary and I wanted to mix that color into some of the layouts.
Some of the paper choices
I separated the photos from our first port stop, into five categories: first views of the island, beach, snorkel excursion, behind the scenes, and landscapes. The first picture category I worked with were the first views (leaving boat). I had some paper with the Royal Caribbean logo and really wanted to use it for as the first, Labadee, Haiti, is the private beach for Royal but it wasn't working for the photos. I glanced over at the behind the scenes pics (testing the life boats, tram, preparing for lunch) then looked a the RC paper. The colors went well together. I set the first view pictures aside and placed the behind the scene photographs on it. Perfect.

Next, I pulled out some new choices for the first view layout and loved how the blues popped when placed on the light green paper. The light beige strip was part of the pattern paper design and worked perfectly to mat a few of the photos. I had a shade of beige cardstock that matches the beige on the pattern paper and will use that to mat photos on the first page of the double page spread.

After all the paper choices are made, I label a sticky note with the day of the trip (Haiti was Day 4) and any title ideas then place it into a 2 gallon bag.

Next week it'll be all about the embellishing.

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