Thursday, December 21, 2017

Crafty Gifts

One more to go! I'm so excited that I completed four of the last five gifts I needed to make today. The last one will take me a few hours so I know I can have it complete by Christmas. I just have to carve out some time before the weekend to get it done. My children (23 and 20 year old) are coming home on Saturday (Yay!) for Christmas so I want to make sure I have all my crafting complete.

This year, I made one loom project and am not thrilled with how it turned out so I decorated a chalkboard as an alternative gift. I'll still give the shawl/overly large scarf will love it. She loves everything and anything that I make for her. I couldn't find a child's pattern for a shawl so I decided to go for it on my own and I couldn't recreate the vision in my head.

Most of my gifts are items that I personalized with vinyl. I'm getting pretty good at it. Next year, I plan on trying my hand at layering vinyl rather than sticking to a solid color. But, I didn't want to frustrate myself and as time was ticking away, I stuck to designs I knew I could was a little complicated and took me four hours, another reason I choose to stick with what I currently know.

Here are some pictures of my crafty gifts:

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