Thursday, December 14, 2017

Holiday Baking Dilemma

Cookies from a swap I went to a few years ago.
The tea cookies were my favorites and I'd love
to try making some.
It's almost time for our ornament exchange party and there are a few items left on my list before I'm ready for Saturday. The two main things deciding on the cookies to make and finding the ornaments that I bought a month ago and put in a "safe place". Fortunately, I have back up ornaments (those are ornaments I bought at the end of last holiday season and forgot I bought until we started decorating for this year) and will use those if I can't locate the ones that are safely tucked away.

The menu for the party stays the same pretty much year after year: chili, Pizza Rolls, chicken nuggets, Buffalo chicken dip, and deli tray with meat and cheeses, and rolls. The only part of the menu that changes are the cookies that I make. I enjoy holiday baking and always want to try one new cookie. This year so far the list has chocolate chip (I like one easy recipe), either peanut butter and jelly cookies or thumbprint cookie with jelly, the recipes I'm debating between are a Russian tea cookie, cheesecake stuffed red velvet cookies, and super chocolatey buttons. . I like to only have one jelly cookie but my family is split evenly between the peanut butter and thumbprint. I have to hurry up and make a decision as I need to buy the supplies and then start baking if I want to stick with the tradition of having four different cookies. Classic Spritz cookies were on the list but my cookie press and I don't always get along. I'll save those when I'm not crunched for time and have time to sweet talk it into working properly.

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