Friday, January 26, 2018


I finished my manuscript and sent it hurling through cyberspace on Tuesday.  And the next day I was on an early morning flight to Orlando, tagging along on my son’s business trip and a chance for me to see an old friend who lives in Sarasota. I was expecting tropical warmth and surprise, surprise it was cold.  I was so glad that at the last minute I threw in a down jacket.

It wasn’t a total good bye to working on THE CHAIN GANG as my publisher wanted ideas for the cover and jacket blurb.  Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers are putting on a Make and Take which is going to be taped for the premiere episode of Creating with Crochet.  A Make and Take for anyone who doesn’t know is an easy project that you can make on the spot and leave with.  I decided on a crocheted bracelet and wanted to send my editor a photo of one so they can put it on the cover.

I travel with crochet supplies, so made up a new one last night.  Actually, I made two with different kinds of cord.    The picture and  blurb were on their way last night.

Now it is a temporary good bye to THE CHAIN GANG.  My editor is expecting to get it back to me in mid February with her comments.  I always go through the whole manuscript again.  The time away from writing it will give me a better perspective.

Who comes to Orlando without doing something Disney?  So far we’ve been to Disney Springs twice.  It is an outdoor shopping and dining area with a few rides.  Saturday, my son is planning for us to go to three Disney parks.  We want to see if the Magic Kingdom still has the People Movers which is long gone from the California Disneyland.

Sunday we’re going to see my friend and I hope to dip my toe in the Gulf.  And then it will be home.  There is something great about getting away like this.  It seems like a chance to air out my mind.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Hope you're having a delightful time in Florida, Betty! We're thinking about a possible trip there sometime in the future. Congrats on finishing your manuscript, too.