Sunday, January 28, 2018

A Miniature Mid-Century Modern Kitchen in Progress

Ever had a craft project that just did NOT work? I've been struggling with the kitchen for my Mid-Century Modern dollhouse. I hated the gold, olive green, and burnt orange. It brought back bad memories. Ugh.

I painted the kitchen pieces yellow, orange, and white, sequentially. To get all the paint off, I soaked the pieces in Goof-Off, which also made the glue come apart. In the end, I had a pile of pieces. Ugly pieces.

But I was still stumped as to the color!

Then it came to me. Make it gray and white. That would match the living room, and since MCM is all about open concept, the colors would flow.

So today, I've been working on the kitchen. Nothing has gone as planned. I decided to glue speckled Contact paper to one surface with E-6000, and quickly learned that the E-6000 reacted to the plastic, forming bubbles. That meant I needed to scrape off everything AGAIN.

I still have a ways to go, but here's how it's looking right now:

The diamonds are very MC, as is the flecked "laminate surface." I still need to touch up the paint and add knobs/handles. I'm working on a silver vent to go under the refrigerator. I'll put a shelf unit in the corner, one with curved shelves. I want to put a roman shade over the window, after I add in the sink. I'm also working on fake Pyrex that will fill the shelf unit and add color. I want to put a picture of a martini on the wall.  I also will add hanging light fixtures.
What would you add?

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