Thursday, March 1, 2018

First Crop of the Year

I'm so excited! Friday is my first crop of 2018. And to make me even happier, I completed the first draft of my short story a day ahead of schedule so I have an entire day to prepare for the crop. Which is good since there is a page competition for each day of the crop, and I have to gather up photos, paper, and embellishments to participate. I found it was easier for me to complete layouts at a crop when I stuck to a theme and currently I'm working on a 25th anniversary cruise album. And none of the layouts I'd make for it would fit with the daily themes: Friday-Christmas, Saturday-Winter Fun, and Sunday-Family (might be able to pull it off as the pictures are my husband and I but I'd like something that includes more of my family members).

So, now I have to try and find pictures that would work for those pages. The paper and embellishments I'm not too worried about as those have been organized, but my photos are still either in computer folders with no rhyme or reason to the folders they are in or in photo boxes throughout the house. It's the one category I didn't touch too much when I moved my craft space upstairs. I did have one large container filled with portrait pictures which I sorted by family member but I left the candid photos in their hodgepodge organizational state. It's a good thing I have a whole day to find some pictures that will work (or enough time to get some printed at Walmart using their 1-hour service).

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Linda O. Johnston said...

You sound busy but organized!