Thursday, April 5, 2018

But I''ll Need It Again...Someday

There is a yard sale area for attendees at a crop I'm attending this weekend. I decided to go through my craft room as it's still rather packed considering I pared down when I moved from downstairs to upstairs. The older I get the more clutter bothers me. I have a hard time being creative if I feel like I'm surrounded. So, this is the perfect opportunity to give myself some mental breathing room and add make a little money. The items I constantly use are still packed from the retreat I attended in March as I was going away in a month, and from one retreat to the next I had a book to finish writing for a deadline, I knew there wouldn't be much crafting going on so no sense unpacking it all.

The problem I'm having today is there are two organizational pieces part of me is saying sell as I haven't used them for a long while and another part screaming "But I'll need it". The way I scrapbook and organize has changed so those units don't fulfill a need anymore, but I know I have a massive Disney project coming in the future and feel the desktop carousel with a wire stand will be a necessity. Especially if I can't find time to pre-plan my layouts ahead of time. I had intended to put together more page kits for this retreat but sometimes life can tweak our plans, between the flu, babysitting, and then wanting to read through a novel one last time before sending it out, time slipped away pretty fast. When I put together kits ahead of time, I don't need to bring all of my embellishments me at a crop. The unit is taking up space I could use for something else or just have a cabinet where there's nothing on top...a nice resting place for my eye.

The other item is a carousel type unit (have a theme going on) for Washi tape. I like using the tape but it's not one of my go to embellishment and it's probably best I don't start a new collection. To save table space at the crop, I've been tossing the tape that will match the main project theme into a zippered bag rather than use the carousel. And yet, I'm still having trouble putting it in the box.

And there are the drawers in my storage units that I started sorting through and gave way too early in the process. The issue there was that by the time I got around to bringing those up to my new office/craft space, my brain was tired of sorting and making decision on what to keep and let go that I did a quick purge (anything ripped or that I knew I'd never use) and shoved everything back into the drawers. I'm telling myself right now is the perfect time to really sort through it as the crop yard sale is the perfect time to part with those items.

I didn't have this hard of time downsizing clothes, kitchen stuff, and even books. The craft stuff I'm having a hard time of paring down even though I know I'll feel better in the space once there is less stuff. Maybe I should focus on the feeling I'm after rather than if I'll use a particular item again. Something to ponder.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

I admire you for getting organized that way. I intend to, too--someday!