Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Visit from the Grandkids

I'd mentioned here previously that my grandsons--and their parents--were coming for a visit from their home in Indiana.  That was last weekend.  Short trip, but definitely a busy one.  We took advantage of living in L.A. to give the kids a fun time!

We saw the La Brea Tar Pits and its museum, partly because our younger grandson, who's 4, absolutely loves dinosaurs.  He was definitely impressed by the replicas of the mammoths outside as well as the fossils and replicas of many other kinds of prehistoric creatures like giant sloths and saber tooth cats whose remains have been found so far in the tar pits.  Our older grandson is 5, and he seemed to enjoy the exhibits, too.

Other things we did while they were here? Well, they both got to ride on ponies at Griffith Park, plus there was a train simulator, and then we all rode on a small train around the area.

We visited the California Science Center and the kids--and adults--got to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor and other exhibits.

On Saturday, the kids participated in an Easter egg hunt at the Rose Bowl, after we all had a very nice buffet breakfast there.  And they left for home on Sunday.

And this is L.A.  There's a lot more to see around Southern California, and I look forward to sharing it all with the grandsons over time.

Did I get any writing in while they were around?  Yes, a little, during a time that my son and d-i-l visited friends and took the kids along.  But mostly I did as I'd hoped and spent time with my grandsons.  And now?  Back to work!


Miss Merry said...

Nothing better than time spent with grandchildren.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Absolutely, Miss Merry!

Betty Hechtman said...

You certainly got to a lot of places in a short time. I bet you all had fun.

Linda O. Johnston said...

We all definitely had fun! But we miss them now.