Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Coincidence, Canines, Cancer

It's always fascinating when different aspects of my life appear to converge, completely by coincidence.  That happened this week.

First, a neighbor who's a good friend and who knows I love dogs and to conduct research about them connected me with an online set of classes about canine cancer, where veterinarians spoke about different aspects of how and why it occurs and how it's treated--in good and bad ways.  I was curious so I've listened to quite a bit of it, but it was scary enough that I didn't hear it all. An interesting aspect is that cannabis is a good thing to use to treat dogs with cancer. Also, a lot of it was about the bad stuff that shows up in the dog food we feed our beloved pets.  One of mine is on a specialized diet for a condition she's had since puppyhood, so I'm not going to change it, and the other is still pretty much a puppy so I keep looking for the perfect food to feed her.

 I also heard of a dog food manufacturer who was sending representatives to local Petcos and intended to go talk to someone, but the times and locations weren't clear so I missed out on that.

I then learned that my beloved grand-dog, belonging to my older son, d-i-l and grandsons, had been diagnosed with a bad tumor, which was surgically removed.  Still waiting to find out if it was cancerous, and of course I hope not.

And finally I found out that those who attended the monthly meeting of the local Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club were supposed to bring the ingredients labels from the bags of kibble they fed their dogs, to compare them.  I wrote this post yesterday, before last night's meeting, so I can't tell you yet the results of that discussion, but I'm certainly interested--particularly since I just bought a bag of kibble that's specifically directed to be for Cavaliers.

Lots of things going on, some taking up my time, and all of it interesting and somewhat emotional--and all of it mostly coincidentally related.  Fascinating!  Maybe I'll need to write about it, or something similar, one of these days.


Betty Hechtman said...

I hope your grand dog is okay. I have gone through tumors with a number of pets.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Last I heard, she was improving. My fingers are crossed that she gets better.