Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Conference Recap

For the past few weeks I've been talking here a lot in anticipation about the upcoming Romance Writers of America National Conference, in Denver, Colorado.  Well, it's now come and gone--and I had a fun time!

For one thing, as I've mentioned, I was recognized for my 25th Harlequin Book Milestone.  There was a pre-party for those of us who had special things to celebrate, and then there was the usual Harlequin party.  Usual?  Well, usual for those of us who attend it, but it's not your usual kind of party.  There are a few men there, sure, but it's mostly women writers who get out on the dance floor, dance and wave our hands and sing along to such fun songs as "It's Raining Men" and "We Are Family." 

I saw some long-time friends there and made new ones.  I sat between two delightful women at the Literacy Signing and had other friends come over and talk to me and take pictures.  I went to talks given by other authors and panel discussions as well as keynote addresses where meals were served, too.  And I had lunch, along with other authors, with the delightful head editor of one of the series I write for.

The hotel, a Sheraton, was a bit confusing, with two towers that had meeting rooms on the lower floors that were sometimes hard to get to.  But it all worked out once I'd been there for a while and recognized what was where, and I think other attendees felt the same.

I'm home now and attempting to get back into more of a usual routine, but I'm still thinking about the conference and how much I enjoyed it.

Next year?  I hope to go there, too.  It'll be in New York City then.

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