Friday, August 31, 2018

Something New

I have spent my week working on something new. I don’t want to jinx it, but my agent loved the idea and it would take place in Chicago. I love the idea of being able to write about my neighborhood.

I hope to really concentrate on writing it this weekend. Most of the week has been jotting down ideas. I have the plot of the first book worked out, but going from my in my head to paper is always a challenge. But the characters are talking to me.

I ended up at Disneyland again this week. We have season passes, so it’s no big deal if we just go for awhile. I don’t go on a lot of rides. I don’t want to wait in line for a long time and I’m not into thrill rides at all.

I did go on the big river boat which is always nice. For the second time I missed going on the train because by the time we were going to go on it, it had closed. I think it had to do with the fireworks. We stopped in California Adventure first, but since they have redecorated part of it and changed the same so it seems like something new, it was very busy. We did stop to look at a cat who lives near a water ride. We noticed him a long time ago and it turns out that his name is Francisco and he has either a Facebook account or a Twitter account or both. He is a long haired calico and it turns out one of many animals that live wild on Disneyland and California adventure. All of them have been neutered, get their shots and are fed. Francisco’s area is kind of wild and hilly and behind a fence so no one can bother him.

But I noticed something unbelievable at Disneyland. It’s an amusement park full of things to look at and experience. That’s where the fun’s at, right? Well, I saw two small kids riding in a stroller who instead of looking at all the neat things around them were staring at smart phones. Then when we were eating, I saw another kid sitting at the table with what looked like an Ipad and he was watching something on it. I would definitely say that erases any doubts that all these screens are addictive. When you need distraction when you’re at the happiest place on earth, something is wrong.

Plenty of adults were on their smart phones as well. I could only shake my head.


Linda Osborn said...

A new series ??? You are really going to be busy ! I hope you aren't giving up on Molly (and Barry) or poor Casey. We haven't heard from the CA coastal retreats for a long time !
Do you take Jake to Disneyland ? My kids and grandkids were all crazy about Dumbo when they were little, and of course we were all singing "Small World" for days after each visit.

Linda O. Johnston said...

How sad that some kids pay more attention to their techie stuff than all the fun going on around them. And I'll look forward to hearing what's new that you're up to! Isn't it fun when characters start talking to you??