Friday, September 14, 2018


After spending three hours with the AT& T guy who couldn’t fix our Internet issues, I told him to let it go and that I was going to get cable Internet access. The cable guy came on Monday and connected us up without a problem. Except that our printers were connected through the old router. And when I tried to get the printer to recognize our new cable router, it wouldn’t. So I am left with having to Mickey Mouse things around to print and it only works sometimes.

The frustrating thing is how much time is wasted trying to do something which should be easy and quick. But it seems that every time you make a change with computer stuff there are problems. And I had to move all kinds of stuff around which has left me with a lot of chaos.

Despite all I am working on my new idea. I am at the point where I have a lot of stuff on yellow legal pads, but now have to put it in the computer. Of course there is a cop in it. I’m basing it on one who came to our house when someone broke our large front window. It seemed most likely a b b gun and we think it was actually intended for a neighbor.

There had been a party at the  house across the street  recently and the police and paramedics were called because there was some kind of fight. But that is beside the point.

Two cops came when I reported the window problem. Needless to say, I was unnerved by what hat happened and upset.  One of the cops was sympathetic, but the other one stood back and was cold and distant.   I’m putting Mr. Cold and Distant in the new idea. Even all this time later - the window incident was maybe ten years ago or even longer. But that cop stayed in my mind. Why did he take the concept of cop face to an extreme? Why the flat tone to his voice?

Now I can make up reasons for his attitude and come up with a way to bust through his shell as well.




Linda O. Johnston said...

I definitely sympathize with your computer issues. And how fun that a long-time inspiration is now making its way to the top of your writing list!

Linda Osborn said...

Well, you have Dane as a nice cop, Barry kind of middle of the road cop, and Heather as more to the tough side. You will have an interesting time throwing two more personalities into your work ! Can you keep tham all straight ?? I understand your computer frustration. I have problems from time to time (because my skills are limited !), and I do get a little weary of talking to someone with heavily accented English for 3 hours !