Thursday, November 8, 2018

Creating Christmas Decorations With Wine Bottles

The Christmas crafting season is in full force. I have six weeks to finish up the crafting projects on my list before I have to save them all for next year. My time is shortened this year as I have two (three if I count the scrapbook crop I'm currently at) trips during that time period. The theme for the crop is Christmas, allowing me to not only make some craft items to decorate my table but also give away as gifts.

I had wanted to create Christmas trees, and since I had some empty green wine bottles thought it was the perfect "craft supply" for vinyling. The green and the shape of the bottles inspired me to turn them into Christmas trees. Cricut Design Space had the perfect tree file to fit the shape of the bottle. I liked the white tree but it wasn't complete without some ornaments. I was able to find another file with different styles of ornaments and cut them from glitter vinyl (the maroon ornaments don't stand out as well on the dark green bottle), and then I topped the tree with a gold vinyl star. I was able to get some corks with battery operated lights, adding the perfect final touch to my tree.

And after the crop, my table decoration will become a housewarming gift for one of my daughters who has a wine theme for one of her rooms.

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