Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I Am Obedient

I sat down to start writing this post, and a minute later my older dog Mystie came over and looked at me. That's communication. She wanted out.  Sometimes she'll stare at me because her tummy told her it's dinner time or snack time, or she simply wants the front door open so Cari and she can go onto the patio and watch the world through the locked wrought iron gate. 


Does Cari do this too?  Sure!  And sometimes one or the other tells me she wants out not long after they were both just out.  The one who communicated first probably accomplished what she wanted to, but not necessarily the other one.


Anyway, after obeying I soon returned to my computer.  I'm still writing, of course.  I finished the draft of the manuscript I've been working on and have a friend beta-reading it.  Soon I'll have to polish it and send it off.  But meanwhile I'm plotting the next in the series since I'll have a proposal for it due soon.  My subconscious is at work on it even now... so I'd better go listen to it.

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