Friday, July 24, 2020

I Hate to Complain, But....

It was one of those days....I had planned to spend it working on the next Crochet Mystery.  I wrote a scene yesterday that was all wrong.  I printed up the offending pages and then was going to hand write how to change.  As I’ve said before, when I get stuck, I go back to handwriting. 

I was sitting at my kitchen table and had just started working when the phone rang.  It was a bank calling telling me I had to send in some forms.  I went to deal with the form and got side tracked from writing.  I couldn’t get back into writing mode and besides I had bills to pay.  I figured take care of them then get back to writing. 

I’d gotten three checks written when a  family member came into the room I was working in and announced that his was stopped up.  As if I’m the only person who could call the plumber.  I got his voice mail and left a message.  I left my cell number because I thought I might be out when he called back.

I left my cell in another room for five minutes while I wrote an email regarding payroll for the family business.  When I returned to where I’d been working.  I saw I had missed the plumbers call.

Of course, when I called back I got his voice.  He did finally call and it was already after 5:00 so I was surprised when he said he said he was in Glendale and could be at our place in about a half an hour.  Not enough time or me to get back to doing anything.  When I suggested that the family member who’s shower it was, show the plumber the problem, he disappears.  So, now I had to wait for  the plumber and had to have someone watch my cell phone in case the plumber called  while I took the garbage cans in from the street.  The good news was the plumber came and actually fixed the shower in a few minutes.  It was clogged with hair.  I paid him and considered what to do.

I couldn’t go back to either the bills or my writing because now everybody wanted dinner which required a trip to the store. At least there was no line to get in Trader Joe’s, but I was shopping for two households. Afterwards, the other household’s food had to be delivered at the end of the earth.  Maybe not the earth, but where Topanga Canyon Boulevard dead ends at the Santa Susanna mountains. By the time I got home it’s 8:30.  I put away the groceries and made food.

After its’s done I wanted to sit down and watch a silly comedy.  I turned on the TV and all went well for awhile, but then the picture went off, but there’s sound.  I tried  turning it off and on but it did not good.  I could tell it wasn’t  the cable.  And then the sound stopped working , too.

So total frustration.  I got bits and pieces done but nothing completed, not even a half hour TV show.  I give up.


Linda Osborn said...

Some of us are just the perpetual mothers--everyone in the family tends to come running with their problems. For a time this stopped at my house,(my husband died, I broke my leg), but now they are starting to come back to mom for help. You know what ? I LIKE it, I was so lonely and I felt very unneeded when they backed away. You do need to be needed !!

Betty Hechtman said...

I agree, Linda and even as I was complaining I was thinking about the alternative of being alone, not needed, etc. I'd always rather have people to deal with even with all their demands. It was just one of those days. All is better now and my son found a TV he wasn't using, so I can watch my comedies again.

It is great that your family has come back to needing you. I am sure they grateful for your help.

I saw the granny square link you sent on Facebook. They were really cool and I'm going to try the two versions. Thanks fr sending them.

chkntza said...

How can I find the granny square link? I'd love to try it too. Thank you.

Betty Hechtman said...

Here it is Chkntza Enjoy!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sounds as if you've been going through a lot of frustrations, Betty. I hope things are improved now!

Betty Hechtman said...

Yes, Linda, it's old new now and forgotten.