Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Plotting Peril

I'm still working away at my current story, a Harlequin Romantic Suspense in one of the Colton min-series.  I know what happens next, but I've had to figure out how to get there.  And with my mind partly occupied by what else is going on in the world these days, particularly where I live--in Los Angeles--I'm having to give my subconscious mind more instructions than usual.  Most often, I simply think of a generality near where I want to go, then allow it to go off on its own when I'm bathing or nearly drifting off to sleep, or doing something else where I'm not giving it a hard time.

Well, at the moment, though I keep telling my subconscious I'm relying on it and letting it go off on its own as usual, what it comes up with hasn't been as reliable as it was before.

But.. well, this morning, while I was at an exercise class--yes, I still go to one a couple of times a week that's with a group of other women, in a park, all of us wearing masks and staying at least six feet apart--my subconscious took over again!  I got an idea how to have my characters achieve what they need to next, and noted it all on my computer first thing when I got home.

So, thank you subconscious.  And as Betty said here in her last blog, "Wouldn’t it be nice if next week the news of the pandemic was better.  Fingers crossed that it happens."  And as I responded, my fingers are crossed.  I'll be delighted when things finally start improving!


Sally Morrison said...

I'm ready for better news as I live in Florida. I thank you for continuing to write on the blog and your books. I enjoy both.

Better times ahead

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks for reading both. And I definitely hope you receive better news quickly in Florida!

Betty Hechtman said...

I'm glad your unconcsious came through. I think the pandemic has slowed everything up. I have found myself in the same spot and it taking longer to get an answer.

I envy your exercise class.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Betty. I hope my ability to come up with plotting returns quickly!