Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Dog Walking Today

It's Wednesday, and I'm here.  My days are still running into one another without a lot of change. 

Oh, my husband and I have been walking the dogs more lately, as I mentioned last week.  But since that post we've had some really horribly high temperatures in L.A., so some days we don't walk as far. 

Of course right now it's cooler because the sky is overcast--mostly as a result of the fires nearby, though fortunately not very close.  But close enough to ruin our air quality.  I can't complain much, though.  Talk about something horrible.  Homes are being leveled.  People have to evacuate, sometimes with help from authorities.  Some don't make it, which is a terrible shame. 

And I can't help thinking about the wildlife whose lives are being lost, too.  A post circulated through Facebook that I shared, about how people who lived in fire areas who see wildlife in their yards should attempt to leave water out for them.  Good idea--but of course that only works if those poor animals are still alive.  And if you can also keep your own family members like cats and dogs out of their way. 

Most things in my life can be fodder for story ideas, but I don't ever want to write about any kinds of animals being hurt.  Scared, maybe, but in any case definitely saved. 

I've started my new story idea which may go nowhere, but it definitely keeps my mind occupied while I'm in between other stories. 

And I'm wondering what nasty circumstance will be the subject of my post next week.  Hopefully, none.  But stay tuned.

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