Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Days Off - Sort Of

Yes, I've still been editing and writing. I was making some progress... before. But not so much during the last couple of days.  I had some unanticipated dental issues arise, and they wound up coming first.

 I had some of the work to cure them done this week, but they'll be finished next week.  Meanwhile, I'm tired and sore. 

So, I won't bore you with anything else today, other than to say I was glad to return from the dentist and be greeted by my happy dogs yesterday. They helped to cheer me. And yes, I'm improving and getting my energy back. 

I hope that if there's anything going on in your life that's slowing you down, it's something fun!



Betty Hechtman said...

Dental issues are never fun. I hope the worst is behind you. I'm sure your pups offered you comfort.

Linda O. Johnston said...

My pups definitely helped, Betty, and they're still helping. They'll be here for me after the next episode next week. And I'm learning to chew differently for now!