Thursday, April 29, 2021

An Outing

 I am moving ahead nicely with BUT KNOT FOR ME.  There comes a time when I’m working on manuscript where I sink into the story and I’m there now.  The story keeps coming even after I step away from the computer, which means I keep scribbling down notes on envelopes and scraps of paper.  I have to step away from the computer before it gets too late - unless I am at the end of a deadline when all bets are off.  I have trouble sleeping if I’m on the computer too close to bedtime.

Since things are going well I was up for an outing.

My son has a Tesla and somebody backed into it while it was plugged in at a charging station.  The person left a note on the car probably because there were cameras all over the place and it was right by a police station.

Their insurance company picked out the repair place which was on the other side of the hill in Los
Angeles.  The car was finally ready today and I went along for the ride.  I love looking out the window, particularly when it’s someplace I haven’t been for awhile.

We went through part of Hollywood and what I think  the edge of Hancock Park.  The San Fernando Valley seemed sleepy in comparison to all the congestion and commotion. There was so much to look at I wished my son would drive slower so I could take it all in. There was the shopping center at Hollywood and Highland, a parking lot with double decker tour buses.  Tall buildings I’d never seen before.    I particularly liked it when the street became residential and there were all kinds of houses to look at. I loved the Storybook styled ones with their pointy roofs.  

Once we left the loaner and picked up his car, we continued on in the city going to the area we lived in when we first moved here.  I didn’t drive then and walked to my first job in the advertising office of a finance company.  Of course, the area has changed a lot.  In those days there was a May Company at Wilshire and Fairfax.  Orbach’s was across the street.  The building are still there, but aren’t even store anymore.

Our destination was Farmer’s Market.  Our first apartment was not far from it and I had a lot of memories of how  it used to be.  Of course, it’s all changed now.  Except for Farmer’s Market.  It is a bunch of stalls selling food and produce with tables sprinkled around.  Once we walked in from th e parking lot, it was like going back in time.  I swear the table are the same ones they’ve always had.  Some of the businesses are new, but there was a coffee place that said they’d been there since 1946.  Somehow with everything changing so fast and so much it was reassuring to go someplace that had stayed the same.  We got food and sat at one of the tables.  I thought back to the time I’d looked up at the tables on the upper level and seen Columbo himself, Peter Falk.

We went through Laurel Canyon on the way back and there was so much more to look at and think about.  So many memories of other times that seem like yesterday.


Linda O. Johnston said...

That does sound like a fun outing, Betty, one that you've probably experienced multiple times --before. Things today are very different from how they used to be but they can trigger memories, and how fun that you found them!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, I'm sure you can appreciate the change of pace from the city to the Valley. Other than the masks, things seemed back to normal

chkntza said...

I love your story. I worked on Vine Street in Hollywood. There used to be Broadway Department Store on Hollywood and Vine and a famous recored store at Sunset and Vine. Now it is so different with all the tall buildings that used to not be there. I lived near Beverly and Fairfax and walked to Farmer's Market all the time. Im still nearby and I used to walk over before the pandemic.

Betty Hechtman said...

Chkntza,Wow. I had no idea where you were located. Our first apartment was near 3rd and LaCienega. That was before the Beverly Center. In those days there was a shoe store I think called Standard and a kiddie amusement park. What really surprised me on this last trip was that Bargain Circus is still on the oorner of Beverly and Fairfax. It's been there for as Long as I remember. What about all the new buildings across from Farmer's Market. Do you remember the Farmer's Daughter motel? And the Writers' Guild Building. When I worked for them, they had a small building on Beverly and Almont. My big thrill was signing in Rod Serling for a strike vote.

chkntza said...

I remember Standard Shoe Store. I went to the kiddie amusement park and rode the ponies when I was little. We lived in an apartment by Beverly and Fairfax. Yes Bargain Circus has been there forever and it is still going strong. I used to go to the movies at the Fairfax Theater. When there was a heavy Jewish population they would have New Year services there. I remember the Farmer's Daughter motel. It's funny but I can't picture what used to be across the street except for the little jewelry store. It then moved to Farmner's Market. That is exciting about Rod Serling. There was a market on 3rd Street, Market Basket? maybe.

Betty Hechtman said...

So neat to know you went to that Kiddie park. Maybe we passed on the street. I didn't drive then and had to walk everywhere. It was such an interesting area of small shops and graceful buildings. Loved Viktor Benet's on 3rd street.