Friday, June 25, 2021

Stormy Weather

 The trip to Chicago was short and I apparently left just in time.  The next night a horrible storm hit the area with a damaging tornado in one of the western suburbs.  The plane I took on Saturday, had to deplane on Sunday before take-off and everyone had to go to a shelter in the airport.  

I remember being stuck at the airport during a storm.  I would see the lightening bolts go into the lake. I had hopes my plane would take off when the storm subsided, but it was cancelled.  I was lucky enough to get the car service I used to pick me up or it would have been overnight in the airport.

Another time I was supposed to meet my son at  O’Hare.  We had coordinated so my flight from L.A. would arrive around the same time that his did from Minneapolis.  My plane made it, but then a horrible storm hit and his flight got sent to Grand Rapids, Michigan to wait out the storm.  I wandered the airport for five hours, pulling my bags with me.  It got later and later and everything at the airport closed and I began to worry that his plane would be stuck in Michigan overnight.  The car service couldn’t pick me up and there were no cabs to be had.  Finally, finally, there was a break in the storm and they started letting planes land.  His plane took off and got to Chicago around midnight.  By then the rain and wind were over and we got the rental car he’d reserved and stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast sandwiches because it was the only place open.    

My flight home was a little bumpy – I think it was the storm on the way to the Midwest– but the plane was great.  It was a 787 and seemed brand new.  The seat-back screens all worked and the spot to plug in your electronics was easy to access.  The other plane I’ve been on always seem to have the plugs in a place that’s hard to get to without banging into the person sitting next to you.  The best part was that when the person in front of me reclined their seat it didn’t feel like it was going to hit me in the face and the leg room stayed the same, so no seat hitting my knees.

I finally watched AVATAR during the flight.  I’m a little behind in my movie watching.  And then it seemed the plane was landing.  It still feels like magic to me how I traveled halfway across the country.

The cat we call Kitten who thinks I’m her human forgave me for going away and cuddled against my shoulder while I had a welcome home cup of tea.

I like the MacBook, but I like my old desktop PC even more.  And now to make up for lost time and finish rewriting BUT KNOT FOR ME.


Linda O. Johnston said...

It's been a long time since I've been in a storm, let alone one while flying. Glad things worked out for you. And of course Kitten would forgive you if you cuddle with her! Good luck with your writing.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, storms and flying don't mix.I'm just glad that non of the passengers on my flights to and from were stormy.