Friday, October 22, 2021

Checking the Details

 It is interesting writing the next Writer for Hire book in the location where it takes place.  I have lots of memories of the apartment and the area, but it is always different when you see it in person.  I look at things differently when I'm going to write about then.

The murder takes place on a street nearby and I went to explore it with a new eyes.  I had always been fascinated by the street and did some research on it.  It't a two block stretch that curves  along the raised embankment  of the Metro train tracks.  The houses are mostly Victorian in style with nice front porches and lots of interesting touches.  There is a feeling that the houses have some connection. 

When  did some research, it all made sense.  All the years I lived here, I never knew that the houses on that street were called the Rosalie Villas.  It was a planned community financed by Rosalie Buckingham who married Harry Selfridge.  He learned about running a department store from working at Marshall Fields and used that knowledge to open Selfridges in London.  I learned all about him in a series that was on TV and starred  Jeremy Piven.

When the houses were built the train tracks were on the ground and they had a view of the lake.

When I walked down the street, I had a whole new appreciation of them and picked one to be my murder house.  I changed the color of it to lavender, but keep the fish scale siding that is so Victorian.  There were so many details to notice and I was hesitant to loiter too long or it would like like I was casing the house.  Well, sort of was, though not to rob it, but to use it in my book.  I wasn't able to see the side even on Zillow and have created how I would like it to look.  

I also walked past the house where Tizzy lives in my fictional world.  I really couldn't stop and stare because the owner was in the front yard.

I have my laptop set up on the dining room table where Veronica has the writing group meet. and when I look at the black leather couch in the living room, I can almost see Ben sitting there drinking his beer.

Seeing the weather in person helps to describe it.  Today it gloomy without threatening rain.  The odd thing is that the drab sky brings out the green fading to yellow leaves on the tree out front and takes them seem much brighter.  The temperature dropped and the heat came on for the first time.  I knew because I could smell it before I felt the warmth.

Tomorrow I go downtown and I'll make note of more details to add to the book.

Meanwhile, I made some of the scrunchies that are mentioned in BUT KNOT FOR ME which is available for pre sale and comes out November 16.  There are quick to make, are colorful, and do a better job of holding  my hair out of my face.  I wanted to include a photo, but my computer is refusing to upload it.  I'll put it on Facebook


Linda O. Johnston said...

It's always fun to check out locations we want to include in our stories, but since we write fiction we can change those locations the way we want. Another way being a novelist is fun!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, that 's why I change the names of some places so I can do my little alterations to a locale.