Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Holiday Week



            Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Okay, that’s not a surprise, but preparing for it has taken up the time it usually does. Maybe even a bit more, even though there will only be the usual people joining us, family and near-family.  

            And I apologize that I wasn’t more active on Killer Hobbies this week. No, I can’t blame it all on preparing for Thanksgiving, but a lot of things unrelated to writing kept grabbing my attention. 

            Fortunately, though, the computer issues I mentioned last week are gone at least for now, thanks to some advice from my techie younger son. And so I’m back to writing, though I’m still not up to my usual speed. But I’m sure it’ll improve. And I do continue to plot and prepare, at least. Yes, some of that is what occupied my mind.

            Not much to talk about beyond that, though. So I’ll end now, except to say: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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chkntza said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!