Wednesday, August 10, 2022

And More Editing...

           I finished doing the edits for another UNDERCOVER COWBOY DEFENDER, the third in my Shelter of Secrets series, and sent them off—and already received the next, and probably final, version of edits. That’s currently on my agenda. 

And then I should hopefully be able to start working again on my next Harlequin Romantic Suspense book for 2023, my book in the Coltons of NYC. Meantime, I’ve received my author’s copies of my next Colton book, UNCOVERING COLTON FAMILY SECRETS, part of the Coltons of Colorado, which will be published this November as I’ve mentioned before.

 Busy? Yes, as, fortunately, always. Plus puppy and dog matters that are always time consuming but it’s always fun to deal with my canine family members.

             I’m also starting to think more about Bouchercon, which I’m attending next month. I’m looking forward to it! First real writing conference in a long time. 

            Okay, back to those edits…

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