Friday, August 5, 2022


MAKING IT WRITE had it's book birthday on Tuesday and is officially out in the world.  I'm back to focusing on finishing the edits of SENTENCED TO DEATH, the fourth Writer for Hire mystery.  And life goes on with new plumbing issues.  This time a toilet mechanism and a sprinkler situation, which are being fixed as I write this.

Then there are the upcoming birthday plans for my son.  We are big birthday people.  When he was a kid, the celebration went on for a month.  This year it is all about introducing Jakey to our way of doing birthdays.  Thanks to the pandemic, he missed out on celebrations for his fourth and fifth.  He was too young to really understand his earlier birthdays and not much was done for them.  So, he really has no idea about how great birthdays can be. 

This year, everything my son is planning for his celebration is really about Jakey. There are plans for bowling with dinner at a fun restaurant Jakey will enjoy.  Then the first of the birthday cakes.  Again, what Jakey likes and he will take it home with him.  The next day will include  miniature golf or something else fun.  The party continues on to my son's actual b-day with a day trip to Laguna and trips to his favorite eating places.

My life certainly changed when my son was born and now it seems there has been another big change as Jakey takes up residence here more and more.  My time is not my own again, but I also have the opportunity to see the world through his perspective.  It really is a whole new one.    His favorite toy has become an old phone of mine. It doesn't have cell service, but when connected to the Internet, other stuff works.  He has figured out on his own how to tape himself singing.  He even commented on how great he was and that he was going to be famous.  Yesterday, he asked for a buying app.  No way that's going to happen, but still it was fascinating that he asked for it.  

Now that he's going to start kindergarten, there will be lots more new stuff.  I like being connected to what's contemporary. 


Linda Osborn said...

I too had "second chances" at being an active part in kids growing up. Two different sets of grandkids spent much of their first years here, and l loved it. You are so fortunate to have Jakey around more and more. He sounds like a very smart guy--a singing star at that !! Enjoy every minute of it !!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Congrats on the birthdays. And I envy you for having your grandson around so much, although I've got plans to see mine later in the year.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, Osborn, I am most grateful to be able to watch Jakey grow into who he is. It is so much fun doing the things with him that I did with my son.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda O. Johnston, it is wonderful to have him around so much. I am trying to be the grandmother I wished I'd had. My grandmothers were both gone when I was growing up. I'm sure you can't wait to see your grandsons. You probably have the same thought I do-- that someday they'll realize that the grandmother who was giving them ice cream before dinner, spent her time writing about murder.

Sally Morrison said...

I love that your grandkids will remember you for your writing. Pretty fun grandmas.

Being a grandma is the best though I'm finding that it seems my grandkids are growing up even faster than my own kids did. Good times though. I love every minute of it.