Friday, October 7, 2022

A Breather

 What a difference a week makes!  Last week I was in a tunnel finishing KNOT A GAME.  And then waiting in the wings were the proof pages of SENTENCED TO DEATH.  So, it was send off KNOT A GAME and barely come up for air before the corrections for the proof pages of SENTENCED TO DEATH were due.  

I celebrated everything going where it was supposed to by going to Disneyland with my son and grandson.  Jakey is more about doing things that are interactive than rides.  He loves the play area in California Adventure that had slides. rope bridges and a zip line.  Then at Disneyland there was a dance party with ha dj and characters.  He loved it and created his own dance moves rather than following along with the dj.  I was standing with him in sort of protective mode and then the beat started to get to me.  And then I started dancing too.  For a brief moment I thought about how ridiculous I probably looked, but then I shrugged it off and didn't care.  It was the best time ever.  Jakey and I danced our way through four songs.

It kind of busted out the cobwebs and left me feeling really good.  SENTENCED TO DEATH is really done now as far as I'm concerned.  The next thing will be when it comes out next year, I think in February.  It's a different story with KNOT A GAME.  I will probably get back the edits next week with a really short window to go through the manuscript. There is a very short turn around for this book.  It's supposed to come out next month.  I am still working on knitting the project I've included a pattern for.  They are handwarmers also called wristlets or could be called texting gloves because they leave your fingers free. I will have to update my website with everything for the book.

Also have a trip to Chicago in a couple of weeks.  So, I'm going to enjoy having a few days with no deadlines.  

When Jakey and I were dancing, I forgot that my son had his phone.  Of course, he couldn't resist videoing  us and sending it to his friends.  I hope they all got a good laugh.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Congrats on all you have accomplished, Betty, even if there is more to come. And what a great way to celebrate your accomplishments, with your grandson!

Betty Hechtman said...

Thanks, Linda. Nothing like dancing with a five year old to loosen your inhibitions.