Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Happy February 1!


It’s the second month of the year already—and it’s a very special day to me. It’s our puppy Roxie’s first birthday! Not that she thinks she’s an adult dog yet. Far from it. But we both enjoy it when she lies on my lap while I’m writing. At least she stays still then, unlike most of the rest of the time when she’s awake! And boy, does she love to get our older dog Cari to play with her—roughly.

 Yes, I’m writing. I’ve a deadline approaching and was asked to send whatever version I currently have ready for some administrative purposes, so I’ve done that. But I want to finish this version of the manuscript as soon as possible.

 And I’ve started plotting my next book, which will be the fourth in my Shelter of Secrets series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. 

Meanwhile, I visited New Orleans last week with some family members. Fun! The city is starting to get ready for Mardi Gras. And we were fortunate that the pending tornadoes decided to forego hitting NOLA while we were there.



Patty said...

Good morning -- Hope all is going well for you. Happy Birthday to Roxie -- does she get a special treat? Long before we heard that chocolate was bad for dogs, our Janny got a bit of ice cream with chocolate chips on it. Apparently didn't bother her 'cause she lived to be 16.

My son lived in New Orleans for a few years -- hated it!! The heat and humidity about did him in, and the one hurricane while he was there was terrifying. My late husband had relatives in La Place -- we visited several times. They were part Cajun -- spoke with an accent I could barely understand!! But oh my, such good cooks.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Teacup Turbulence." I just started reading James Patterson's new book, "The House of Wolves." It's not living up to all the hype -- very convoluted storyline. I give a book 50 pages and if it doesn't grab me by then, I put it aside - this may be headed that way.

Enjoy your day -- I plan lots of crocheting.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Good morning, Patty. Yes, Roxie will get a special treat, and definitely not chocolate!

I did enjoy visiting New Orleans but doubt I'd be happy living there, with the heat, humidity and storm threats.

So glad you enjoyed "Teacup Turbulence!"

And I'll be writing today--surprise! Oh, and doing things to celebrate Roxie's birthday.