Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Weird Weather

              Happy February, everyone!

             As you may know, I live in Los Angeles. So, yes, I’ve been in the middle of the storm that’s been making the news. It comes and goes, and today is theoretically the last day of rain, maybe, at least for now, 

            Things have been okay on my street, except for the lake that forms at an intersection near me. But otherwise, the water has flowed fine…and some of it into my house. We have a few leaks that my husband has been busy dealing with, and we’ll hopefully be able to fix once the weather dries out for a while. It’s happened before, but we thought the leaks had been taken care of. Of course it’s hard to tell when things are as dry as they’ve been for a while. 

            Maybe I can use the rain and flooding in a book sometime. It would be fun to set it L.A. I grew up in Pittsburgh, so I used to know rain, and snow, well. Not so much for either now, but I can always come up with a character who either loves, or hates, bad weather. 

            Anyway, I’ve mostly been staying inside. And our poor pups haven’t been out on walks much, although we do have a dog run at the side of the house with a roof over it. Their paws still get wet, but usually not the rest of them. 

            And yes, I’ve been writing. Making progress on my current story. Yay!


Patty said...

Good morning -- I've been wondering if the storms had hit where you live -- the news reports show such devastation. There have been a few rains here but nothing bad. Roof leaks are the pits -- you don't know they're there until rain starts dripping through the ceiling. The HOA here does periodic roof inspections and the surface is sprayed every few years. The worst part about that is the roof is power washed first -- the guys who did it went crazy with the hoses and sprayed water into the vents -- water poured into the vent over my stove and in the fans in the bathrooms.

As always, I've been doing a lot of crocheting. Making a dent in my stash but have a long way to go to deplete it. I have some variegated and striped yarns that make such pretty patterns -- having great fun with them.

Today is a bit sad -- my husband died six years ago this date -- it was also a Wednesday. I'm just grateful he didn't seem to be in pain -- just lapsed into unconsciousness and died peacefully.

I'm also going to the accountant to get my tax papers -- hope that's not sad!! I usually get a small refund.

Keep dry and enjoy your day.

Linda O. Johnston said...

We have a handyman visiting right now who's removing pavement along the edge of our street so it can be redone to stop the leak into our house there, Patty.

So sorry this is a sad anniversary for you. But have fun with your crocheting!

And I hope all goes well at your accountant's.

Betty Hechtman said...

You have my sympathy about water in your house and leaks. We finally got a new roof a few years ago and even then there was a leak that would come and go. We had a great roofer who kept coming back, but the leak persisted. Finally, last year he managed to fix it.

No water in our house, but parts of the yard flooded. Once a long time ago, we had water coming in on both sides of our house. I'm glad there hasn't been a repeat.

I hope the earthquake didn't bother your pups too much. What a week!

Linda O. Johnston said...

My phone made a noise when the earthquake started, Betty, and my husband felt it where he was sitting watching TV. But I didn't feel it at all.
And I think that leaky area has been fixed--or at least I hope so!