Friday, February 2, 2024

This and That

     One of the fun things about writing is where the research takes you.  That is when I love the Internet the most.  The book I am working on takes place in an old school house that had been turned into a yarn shop and is getting a tea room added. I have been deciding on what changes to the place need to be done.  I ended up reading about Hoosier cabinets.  They're called that because they were made in Indiana.  Kitchens didn't have built in cabinetry and they provided storage and a workspace in a pull out surface that rested on pulled out drawers below it.

I am  not sure how I got to it, but from there I started thinking about coffee pots and most specifically glass double decked ones which I now know are called bubble pots.  I am pretty sure we had one in our Indiana cottage.  I remember being fascinated by how the water moved from the bottom to the top glass  bowl shaped thing.  They don't seem to make the bubble pots anymore though they can be had on Ebay.  But I did find out how they work.  There is a tube joining the two parts and when the water boils, the steam sucks the water up to the top.  It's the same principle of a percolator or stove espresso pot.  

From there, I ended up reading about Chemex coffee carafes.  They are glass with a wooden color and leather strings and use the pour over method.  There's a filter that holds the coffee and boiling water is poured into the top and drips through.  Though they were designed in the 1940s, they are classic and still available.   

The coffee pot stuff was just for my own curiosity, but my character is getting one of the Hoosier cabinets for the school house kitchen.

I know I have written how I get material from everywhere.  It happened again.  I saw AMERICAN FICTION yesterday, which I really liked.  It's all about seeing past labels for people and all of a sudden I realized that was what I wanted one of my characters to do.  She doesn't even consider that Toby has Down syndrome, but views him just as a person she meets who happens to be a gifted baker.


Patty Jenkins said...

Good morning -- Happy Groundhog Day!! The weather is bright and sunny here, though there was heavy rain last night and more predicted for tonight.

We had a Hoosier cabinet -- I can picture my grandma working at the pull-out. We also had a bubble pot, though just called it a glass coffeemaker -- I seem to recall the water went up into the top and then swooshed down.

I've been having a great time crocheting with the new yarns. The variegated yarn I'm using now is making an interesting zigzag pattern across the afghan. I had a ta-da moment -- a chevron afghan is my next project and needs a starting chain of 143 stitches. I don't have stitch markers and using a piece of yarn is a pain -- then I had the bright idea of using safety pins -- tried it and it works perfectly. My grandma always said "Use it up, wear it out. Make it do or do without." I made do.

The printer I have uses four separate color cartridges -- when one runs out, it won't print anything until it is replaced. It gave the message that the yellow needed replacing, which was done. Got everything all connected again and then got a message that the magenta needs replacing, Why couldn't it have said that before!! I'm also going to replace the blue 'cause it will no doubt be needed soon.

Enjoy your day, your writing and any crocheting you can fit in.

Patty said...

Amazon has an 8-cup bubble coffeemaker -- $70.00.

Linda D Osborn said...

How do you keep all these story lines straight ? I remember I caught you once when you said Mason had no grandchildren, but in an earlier book he brought his grandson to a story time at the bookstore !! Now you are adding Toby, but he will bring a very different slant to his story line. When will Casey be around ? I believe it should be soon . Keep up the good work.

Betty Hechtman said...

Patty, I think the term bubble coffee pot is new. Thank for the heads up about one on Amazon. I will take a look. So you had a Hoosier cabinet. How cool.

It seems right that a safety pin would work since that's what stitch markers resemble.

I have a love hate relationship with printers. They are great, but none of them seem to last very long. We have a tank one now and the color printing is a mess even though the ink holders are plenty full.

I'm glad your crocheting is going well.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Osborn, you caught me with Mason's disappearing grandchild, though I could probably say that he borrowed a kid just for an excuse to go in the bookstore. LOL It is a challenge to remember everybody's back story.

It was interesting learning about Down Syndrome.

The edits I am waiting for are for the next Casey book. Once I deal with the edits and turn it back in, it should come out shortly thereafter.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Research is definitely fun, Betty--Internet or otherwise. And when I can do something to research dogs...yay!