Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Things Change

             Yes, things change. And that includes the formatting of the Harlequin Romantic Suspense books. I received copies of CANINE PROTECTION, the fourth book in my Shelter of Secrets series which will be out in August, and it looks different from the earlier books in the series and all earlier HRS books. It looks good, but it’ll be different on my shelf of previous HRS books.

             Why the change? Well, I’ve heard that HarperCollins, which now owns Harlequin, is making changes to its books including layouts, fonts, inks used and maybe more. Why? To save trees! I can’t argue with that. And I do like the new format. In fact, as an amateur environmentalist appreciator, I like the idea. Hang in there, trees! 

            Another change is that my husband shaved our older Cavalier Cari for the summer. She grows a lot of fur, so she looks really different now. Still adorable, of course. And maybe more inclined to play with Roxie for exercise. 

            I’m working more now on one of my new story ideas—and enjoying it!


Patty said...

Good morning -- Sounds like all sorts of interesting changes are going on -- hope they all work well.

When you wrote "My husband shaved," I expected it to be followed by beard or mustache, not dog fur!! We had a Keeshond -- gorgeous animal but oh my gosh, so much fur. We left her in California with my aunt when we moved to Texas -- didn't think she'd do well in that heat. Sadly, she developed numerous cancerous tumors and died when she was only four years old. If you watched "The Waltons" tv show, you may remember Corabeth Walton Godsey -- she had a streak of white hair through her darker hair. A Keeshond has a similar streak so we named our dog Corabeth Walton Godsey Shepherd -- called her Cory.

I've been doing my usual crocheting -- trying a few new patterns and yarn combinations. The Project Linus coordinator has asked for a lot of baby blankets so I'm working on that project -- my favorite kind to make.

Enjoy your day, your writing and of course, your dogs!!

Linda O. Johnston said...

So sorry to hear the sad story about Cory, Patty.

Baby blankets sound fun. Enjoy your crocheting!

Betty Hechtman said...

I bet your dogs do look different with their fur trimmed. I agree about saving trees.