Friday, May 3, 2024

Random Thoughts

 Along with thinking about Molly's next adventure, I have spent the week working on updating my website.  I have been using the same person to deal with my website since my first book.  He decided to kick things up a little and when he sent me changes to look at, he had made everything look more interesting. It all should be up and running by next week.

My web guy sent me the News page for the Yarn Retreat  books and asked if I wanted to change it.  I had forgotten all about that page and it looked it since it featured the first two books in the series and another that came out a while ago.

When I read over the copy that went with the first two books, I thought about how much the world had changed since they came out.  Like, there used to be a Barnes & Noble near me and there used to be Border's Bookstores.  Shopping Malls were still popular.  People weren't staring at their phones all the time.  No one would have believed that the world would shut down for a virus. It also seems that civility has gone out the window. 

Who would have thought they would seem like the good old days.  And then  I think about the future and wonder if  we will be thinking about now as the good old days.


Patty Jenkins said...

Good morning -- Your post today is so true -- so much has changed the last few years. There are many incredibly good things but there are also many, many really bad things. I always wonder why people have to be on their phones when they are at a sporting event -- why don't they watch the game!! Way back when I was a kid, we only had radio and the daily newspaper to find out what was going on in the world -- now it's 24/7. And with AI, we may not know what it real and what isn't.

I'm working on the basketweave blanket -- looking good. The pattern is also called brick stitch -- I looked up "basketweave" and found a totally different pattern than what I use. It uses front and back post double crochet stitches and makes a much more square pattern. I've always thought my pattern looked feminine -- the squares look more masculine. The post stitches aren't difficult to do but don't have the rhythm of just double crochet. It would take concentration.

Eleven days until "Not Dead Again" should arrive -- hurray!!

Enjoy your day and your weekend.

Patty said...

Whoops -- should be "Knot Dead Again."

Betty Hechtman said...

Hi Patty,
I remember too when news was different. It's already confusing what's true and what isn't thanks to social media and people saying all kinds of things without any facts to back it up. AI makes may make it so that you won't be able to trust what you see and hear.

The trouble with people staring at their phones is that they aren't being where they are at the moment. So much distraction instead of being alone with their thoughts.

I am anxious to try your version of the basket/brick stitch. I finally left the big granny square to use one of the kits I bought to make a tiny chicken. It goes pretty quick and I'm almost finished.

Enjoy your weekend!

Sally Morrison said...

I loved Borders. My husband and I spent some date nights roaming the aisles, buying a book or two and having a treat. Now, I'm fully converted to my Kindle. Though if a bookstore were nearby, I would definitely go again. At this time, I have about $60 of gift cards to Barnes and Noble but there isn't one close to me.

Looking forward to your next book.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm in the process of getting my website updated too, Betty. And oh, yes, things keep changing!

Betty Hechtman said...

Sally, you can probably use the gift cards for online orders. After not liking it at first, I, too am hooked on my Kindle- though mostly I use the Kindle App on my phone.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, good luck with your website update.

chkntza said...

I still have a Barnes and Noble near me but I used to have two Border's not too far. I loved walking around those stores and browsing. I love books but I also read on a Nook because I don't want to be left behind. However, I buy all your books in book form because I keep them on my bookshelves so I look at them and smile.

Betty Hechtman said...

Chkntza, nice that you have a Barnes and Noble near you. I miss Borders, too. I am honored that seeing my books make you smile.