Thursday, October 26, 2017

Page Kit--Stage One: Photo Sorting

I found my 2-gallon Ziploc bags so I was able to start putting together page kits on Monday. The first part of my process is to sort out the photographs. Since the project I'm working on is a cruise we took for our anniversary, I made piles for the days of the cruise (10) and then divided into morning, afternoon, and night. If we bought from that evening, I placed it at the top.

In the day's section, I included any memorabilia that I had for the activities of that day. The third pile in the first photograph has the hat I wore at the Sushi class I attended and my class certificate (which for some reason they had put my husband's name on). After sorting through the 100+ pics I had printed, I realized there were some excursions missing: rain forest, trip to Christmas and Honeymoon Coves, and in reading through my travel journey, I hadn't printed out any photographs from the towel folding or Thomas Kinkade seminar.

The next part of the process is jotting down any activities that are missing pictures or don't have enough pictures for a layout, like for the wine tasting. When I first printed out pictures, I eliminated any choices that were blurry or were "boring". Since I didn't have many pics for a layout, I was willing to not be so picky in the pictures I selected. I'd rather have okay pictures than none. We didn't take any pictures during the Thomas Kinkade, so I'll just note it on our title page and in the journaling for that day.

The final step of stage one is to place all the photos in a Ziploc bag in preparation for stage two of kit making. The next task will be dividing the days photographs into layouts and picking out cardstock and pattern paper.

Next week's blog post: Page Kit--Stage Two: It's All About the Paper

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