Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Lost Photos

There's nothing like moving your craft room to find those pictures you thought you had printed, then convinced yourself you imagined, only to discover those photos existed after all. I completed my daughter's childhood album (from birth to high school graduation) and was disappointed that her preschool graduation pictures disappeared.

 She had worn a graduation cap that was a similar color to her high school graduation cap and I wanted those pictures in her album. The pictures were not in the drawer I kept her photos in. I looked through her brother and sister's photo drawer and they weren't in there either. I gave up, figuring those photos only existed in my mind.

Two weeks ago, I was finishing making the move to my new office/scrapbook room. There was a three drawer plastic storage container I had avoided. Cleaning it out would be a huge undertaking as it was a hodgepodge of newspapers, brochures from places we traveled, formal pictures from proms, yearly school pictures, and anything else I had deemed save-worthy at one time but had no official place to store them.

Among the newspapers I was saving were the black and white photos I had printed of her preschool graduation. Somehow, those pictures got mixed up into my where-should-I-put these sorting pile. Since I had to rearrange the pages in the album (an easy task since I use a three-ring binder and found another set of pictures that required a scrapbook page), I chose a color scheme that blended well with the layout that has her preschool diploma.

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