Thursday, March 15, 2018

Getting Over the Crafting Fear

This year, I spend some time every week doing something craft related, and part of that is at least once a month, trying a technique or a craft that I've been scared of doing...last week was Print and Cut with the Cricut. I have a bad habit of buying/collecting items to do a project and then convincing myself it is above my capabilities or that I'd going to somehow ruin all of the materials. by trying to make the item. I keep telling myself it's no more of a waste to mess up the materials than it is to have them sitting in cabinets. It's one of the items I'm working on during my year of "doing" as I labeled 2018.

One of the reasons I got a newer Cricut, the Explore Air 2, was for more intricate die cuts and also using the writing and print feature. I love the writing feature, especially for journaling. My handwriting isn't the best and I like being able to include journaling that doesn't look typed and matching the pen color to the photos is a huge bonus. On  my to learn list this year was the Print and Cut feature. I've been delaying trying this feature, even after purchasing a color printer so I could use the function as I've been wanting to make stickers for my planner.

Last week I wasn't feeling well, and since I wanted to continue with my completing a craft project every week, decided to give Print and Cut a try. Just one, I told myself. One item. And, I'd make it easy on myself by using one of the Printables from Cricut Access. Pick a design, add it, click Make It. Not too hard.

And, it wasn't as hard as I had convinced myself for months it would be. YouTube videos helped a lot as I'm a visual learner. I'm planning on using this item in a cruise album when we went on a "pirate ship" to head to Honeymoon Cove and swim with the turtles (or rather my husband swam with the turtles while I lounged on the boat, I'm not a swimmer). I was so excited to give it a try and see that it wasn't as difficult as I was telling myself it was. Now, I'm trying to learn how to turn a regular cut image into a print and cut, I thought I had it figured out, by attaching the image together, but it cut out all the pieces. I'm thinking I might need to weld and attach. There's no way I want to print out quite a few Tinkerbells,and have all the individual pieces cut out and have to glue her all back together. Wish me luck!

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