Friday, August 2, 2019

Always Write

I have put writing on hold for this week and the next.  I'm immersed in stuff with the family business.  But I discovered I am never really not writing if only in my head.  I am reading High Tide Club by Mary Kay Andrews.  While I'm enjoying the book I'm also checking out how she manages dialogue so well.  How she goes in and out of the past.  And how she subtly reminds the reader of who characters are.  I fold back a lot of pages.

And in real life I'm always observing.  I look at people and  imagine how I'd describe them.  Or places.  Yesterday I went to Descano Gardens.  I'd  been there at night for the Enchanted Forest event which is magical and spectacular, but I hadn't been there during the day.  I was curious how it would look in daylight without all the interesting installations. 

Even without all the lighting effects the ancient forest area was amazing.  The ground is covered with ferns and the sun filters in around the redwood trees so tall it's hard to see the top.  I felt serene as I walked under the canopy  made of  curving branches of the old California oak trees.

The lake looked less mysterious in the sunlight, but also was bigger than I realized.  The weather was different, too.  The Enchanted Forest is around the Christmas holidays and it was cold when we went there.  Cold enough for down jackets, gloves ad scarves.  Yesterday it was the sweating kind of hot.

So, while I may not have been taping words into my computer or leaving notes on yellow pads, mind was on writers mode all the time anyway.

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Yep, I truly believe in a writer's subconscious. It's always at work observing and plotting, even when we're not actually writing.