Friday, May 14, 2021


 I am literally dealing with plumbers on both sides of the country and in the middle.  Or at least in the process of arranging to have work done.

Here, I’m waiting for bath tub faucets to come in.  Apparently, the pandemic has caused a shortage of faucets and the ones that would work needed to be special ordered.  And because the access to the workings of the faucets is at the back of my closet, I have to move a lot of stuff.  It’s not really a bad thing as it has made me start clearing out things.  You know how it is, if you don’t have to deal with stuff, you just don’t.   And it’s a very big closet which made accumulating clothes, shoes etc all too easy.  Now it’s all about decisions.  Do I keep the sweatshirt from the Neil Diamond 1989 concert?

The faucets haven’t come in yet, so the closet clearing will be on hold since I am going to North Carolina next week to deal with a clogged main drain and faucet to be replaced.  I had to pick a plumber based on reviews and hoping for the best.  I’m bringing the faucets packed in my suitcase.  I wonder if that will set off some kind of alarms.  I’m checking the bag, but the TSA still can look through suitcases.  It’s happened to me a few times.  

There’s more going on in North Carolina beyond the plumbing repairs.  Getting appliances delivered, old ones hauled away and carpeting done.  Not going to be a relaxing trip.

I’m working on arranging for the plumber to finish something started a year ago in Chicago.  My downstairs neighbor had leaking in their ceiling which turned out to be from the toilet in my place.  It was the height of everything being shut down and one of my neighbors nicely let the plumber into my place.  He basically shut down the toilet so the leaking stopped, but repairs were still needed to the floor and the toilet replaced.  With all the quarantines and shut downs and everything else going on, I put off dealing with it until now.    

When we moved into our first house I took a class on home repairs at a place called Everywomen’s Village.  It was taught by a guy who parked his motorcycle outside the ramshackle building where the class was held.  He wore a vest that said next to sex I like my Harley best. He claimed to be a psychologist and said that it was the little things like broken stuff in your house that really drove people crazy.  He preceded to teach us how everything worked, like lamps, toilets and such.  What I learned served me well.  I actually did some repairs myself, but the best part was that I got an understanding of how things work.  So, now as I travel around dealing with all these repairs, at least I know what’s going on.


Linda Osborn said...

Such adventure ! Within a month after my husband passed away, I had a totally flooded house and my car died. Hiring the proper workers for the house, and negotiating for a new car were very stressful !! My husband never hired repairmen, he made things work himself. He also was very good at negotiations, so I listened and learned a lot. Since then I have had to have a pool filled in, new windows, and a new furnace.
I just push through, trying to act like I know as much as the contractors {sometimes l do !}. Be tough, and if all else fails never show fear! If I am really desperate I just say I am not signing anything till my son can look over all the paperwork. He teaches 10 minutes from here, but it may take a week to get him to stop by. By that time I can always say I got a better bid from someone else. It's not fun, but you have to take what life hands you !!

Betty Hechtman said...

Wow, you had a lot to deal with. The only person who fixes anything around here is me.I even have my own tool box. My husband deals with car stuff, as long as it's just taking it in to be repaired.

My son will be with me, but lets put it this way, when his toilet had a problem, I'm the one who showed up with the plunger.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm very impressed, Betty! But also feel sorry that you have all those plumbing issues to deal with. I hope it all goes well for you.