Friday, October 15, 2021

Can You Tell a Book By Its Cover


 I finished up the proof read of BUT KNOT FOR ME and have been going back and forth on the cover.  I know what the place I based Vista Del Mar on and was hoping for something that really looked like the place, but the designer came up with an inviting scene that doesn't really resemble the place.  Part of me would like a sinister looking place, but it's a cozy.  All my covers have had a friendly look with just a dash of danger.  So I went with the image the designer came up with.  I liked looking at it and it seemed like someplace I'd like to go.  Hopefully readers will feel the same.

I was looking through an offering Amazon sent me and as I flipped through the book covers , I noticed that I didn't really notice the details of the cover, just the overall color scheme.  It was only when I made an effort to go back over them and look at the details, did I see the design.  The books I was looking at were not cozies and I think harder edged.  The covers were all dark colors and my immediate reaction was not something I'd want to read.  There were a couple of cozies mixed in and they had bright colors on the cover.  Without even thinking about it, I found them more appealing.

I guess it's like everything else-- a book cover is packaging.

I have given up trying to plan out my day.  Something or someone always interferes.  Jakey has been over for the past couple of days.  His mother had a tooth pulled and is recuperating here in our redone garage we call the studio.  He's almost five now and very funny.  In the midst of it all another plumbing repair.  I was able to replace the flapper in the toilet, but when that didn't fix it called in the plumber who joked about getting a room at our place.  I think we're his retirement fund.

I'm off to Chicago hoping it will inspire me as I write the next Writer for Hire book.  There is nothing like walking the actual locations to pick up on detail.  It also happens to be my favorite month there.  The weather is crisp, but not cold.  It's always bittersweet as I think of other times and all the memories and also of all the people who aren't there anymore.

That's why I totally enjoying all the time with everyone who is still here-- even if its an interruption. 


Linda D Osborn said...

Chicago again !! You really enjoy that place. I see the house on the front of the new cover as exactly what Casey would have, only in not quite so lush a setting. It's really pretty. The cat has always been sleek and black in my mind, this guy is so cute !
I'm glad you do get to see so much of Jakey. I remember when he was born, and now almost 5, wow ! Enjoy every minute of it !

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda Osborn, my Chicago trips have been spotty since the pandemic. I came in early March of 2020 when they were downplaying Covid. I remember a news report here where they were saying it was like a cold. On my flight home, there was one person wearing a mask and gloves. Then right afterwards everything shut down and I didn't come back for over a year.

We debated about the lush grass. It doesn't really look like the area, but we all liked it.

I absolutely enjoy every minute with Jakey. One day he's five ad then suddenly it'll be he's turning fifteen.

Linda O. Johnston said...

It's always fun reviewing and analyzing covers. I like most of mine but now and then I'd really like some changes, which don't happen.
And I understand what it's like to have fun with grandkids. I don't see my grandsons often enough, although we do have plans to visit in the not-too-distant future.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, I have been mostly happy with mine. It's hard when your grandsons aren't close by. I'm sure you'll make up for it when you see them.