Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A Day of Little Writing



            It happens sometimes, but I need to get even busier today than usual. Yesterday, I didn’t get much writing done. 

            Why? Strange reasons. I received a magazine I’d renewed a month ago with a cover on it that said it was my last issue. had to spend some time on the phone getting that straightened out. 

            Then, I went to a store to buy some things including a special type of dog treats my pup particularly likes and learned that it was seasonal, and that store didn’t have any more. I went home and called a lot of stores, and none had any, either—until the last store I called. I had to go pick some up, and the place was a distance away. That took a while. 

            I’d placed an online order and got a USPS delivery notice the day before that the package was to be delivered by the end of that day—and it wasn’t. I had to track that down, too. Fortunately, it actually was delivered that day. 

            And a few more things happened to deter me from getting on my computer. 

            So, today, I hope to at least get some writing accomplished. I’m near sending off a manuscript that’s ready, for one thing. 

            I’d better get started!

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