Friday, June 24, 2022

Knot a Game

 I did it.  I started writing the 9th Yarn Retreat book which I'm calling KNOT A GAME for now.  It is always hard to begin, but once I get the first paragraph or so down, I feel like I know where I'm going.  It is a challenge to bring everything about how Casey got there up to speed for new readers. 

I've had the basic plot down for awhile, but executing it going to be a challenge.  One of the owners of Vista Del Mar wants Casey to make her next yarn retreat a mystery weekend with a fictional murder.  Madeleine insists on playing the part of Mrs Maple who will be the detective on the case.  And when someone really turns up dead, Madeleine still want to play detective and work with Casey to solve the case.

I actually went on such a mystery weekend a long time ago.  We all were given characters and dressed up in appropriate garb.  We stayed a quirky hotel where all the rooms were different.  I think mine had a bookshelf filled with books and a piano.  It was a fun weekend and hopefully will give me some ideas to use.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed the year slipping by.  It seems like it was months until the release of WRITING A WRONG and now it's closing in.  I got caught up in writing the 4th Writer for Hire book and lost track of time.  Now I have to scramble and update my website.

I have an in person event in Chicago next month at the Hyde Park Historical Society book club.  When I looked at airfares I was beyond stunned.  It's always more expensive in the summer, but it is totally crazy.  Over six hundred dollars for a coach round trip seat.  And that wasn't the highest price ticket.  I put a ticket on hold, hoping the price might drop, only to see it get worse.  In the end I decided to use miles and way too many of them.

It's not for another three weeks or so and I'm hoping that the weather isn't too hot.  Or that something doesn't happen that changes everything.  These days it's hard to know what you can depend on.



Sally Morrison said...

I attend a weekly Stitch group. Many crocheters and a few knitters. It is very relaxing and fun to sit and chat and stitch. Reminds me of Molly Pink's group though we don't have any treats. Anyway, I shared your books with the group, and everyone was enthusiastic about reading them. Thank you again for sharing your story writing talent. I think I have all your books and I'm looking forward to reading your new ones. Happy weekend!

Miss Merry said...

Would it be cheaper to go by train?

Betty Hechtman said...

Sally, thank you for sharing my books. I love that your group is mostly crocheters.

Betty Hechtman said...

Miss Merry, I thought about the train and would actually like the adventure of it, but I'd prefer to do it when I'm traveling with someone as it would be more fun.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Have fun with your next Yarn Retreat book. I've gone on a mystery weekend too, and it was fun. But airfares are definitely not fun.