Friday, July 22, 2022

Zoom Here to Stay

 I am still getting used to doing things on Zoom.  I must admit it was a lot easier to sit in my dining room and look at my laptop instead of flying close to 2000 miles to go to an in person meeting.

It's crazy about doing things with computers.  I just read a post on Facebook about someone getting an eye examination that was done mostly by computer and the visit with the doctor to fit her glasses was done with a doctor on a computer screen.

I know there are a lot of virtual doctor's appointments now, but I have my doubts about them.  I think there is a whole lot of information that is missed when it's virtual.  But then it seems like it isn't a choice.

But back to the Zoom meeting of the Hyde Park Historical Society book club.  It's kind of funny, but I had someone who designed backdrops for virtual meetings in ONE FOR THE HOOKS.  I always think of that when I'm doing something on Zoom.  And I always check out other people's backgrounds during the meetings.

Bookcases are popular and what I use most of the time.  It's real close behind me, not by choice but by the space in the dining room.  I try to keep it fun by having a few of my weird doll collection that includes Sherlock Holmes and Albert Einstein dolls.  

It's been a little harder with some other meetings I've taken part in as they are in the morning and I usually forget until the last minute.  They are on Chicago time which is reasonable for them, but still early for me.  I  generally do those in my kitchen with a window behind me.  I also generally have a cat visitor show up and get in the picture.

Even as there are more in person things, it seems Zoom meetings aren't going to go away.  I guess we are all going to have to be ready for that close up.  But then everything out of the camera's view is up for grabs. 


Linda Osborn said...

I just re read ONE FOR THE HOOKS yesterday. I thought about what a clever job you did in giving readers a quick touch of many of the previous books in the series. Introducing the main characters, the house, the family, pets, book store, etc. I know you were not sure if there would be more in the series, so that could have been a conclusion. Thank goodness there will be more !!
I always assume Molly's house is your own. My home would probably fit in about 1/2 of hers--but I did have a husband who could fix anything, and there is an antique sewing machine in the entry hall.
Keep up the good work !!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, it's always a challenge to bring in the background stuff. Thank you for the compliment. I only wish I had someone like Barry to deal with fixing stuff. The tool box has always been mine. So you have a treadle machine, too. I had a Chicago neighbor who did all her sewing on one and remember watching her sew. The machine I learned it was only slightly advanced. It was electric, but only sewed in one direction and no fancy stitches. The cover is made of curved wood.

I am grateful for the space right now as like Molly, my son has moved back in, with cats. Jakey is eyeing the room with the yarn which he calls the guest room and wants to be his since he's staying here more and more. He starts kindergarten in the fall, so will be here even more. I'm sure you understand, I drop everything for him.

It's lucky I work well in chaos. LOL

Miss Merry said...

Hi Betty. Thank you so much for the link to the Hyde Park book club. I really enjoyed your talk and all the participation from the members. It was so fun to be a part of it.

Linda Osborn said...

Right now I really miss chaos. My 4th great grandchild is now on the way--in Virginia ! Ugh. That is hard, two in Ohio and now two in Virginia. The grandchildren still around range from 12 to 31...I really like little ones !!

If you have a yarn room with cubbies, that could be ideal for Jakey. Essential to keep the Legos off the floor if you like to go barefoot, like l do !!

Keep up the good work !!

Betty Hechtman said...

Miss Merry, so cool that you were there. I'm always tense because I'm not the best public speaker.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, I an imagine it is hard when you're grandchildren are far away, particularly when there's a new arrival. I am lucky that I have been around Jakey from the day of his birth. We brought a birthday cake to the hospital.

Unfortunately the yarn is all in bins, so I'm going to have to move them all out of there. I know what you mean about stray leg pieces.

chkntza said...

I was so glad your Hyde Park book club talk was on zoom. I enjoyed it so much. I think you did an excellent job. I loved hearing about the neighborhood. I hope you do more zoom talks.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Enjoy your Zooms, Betty. Sounds as if yours works well for you.