Friday, January 27, 2023

On Site

 It's the fourth day of the bathroom remodel and things aren't going as quickly as was expected.  It's going to take longer than I had planned and extended my stay in Chicago.  Anybody who has had work done, knows how difficult it is. My place has become their work site.   The claw foot tub is laying side ways in the hall that leads to the dining room and kitchen.  It looks kind of like a sideways pig and I have to walk sideways to get past it.  Assorted tools, plaster board and other floor tile line the hall as well.  The living room has a display of things meant to go in the bathroom-- the sink is in two boxes, the new medicine chest is on its side next to the sink faucet and the special claw foot shower curtain rod.  I am mostly relegated to a chair in the living room staying out of the way while they're here.

It's been snowing and more is expected, along with colder temperatures, so it's not so bad being stuck inside.  With the noise and interruptions, it's been hard to concentrate on writing anything, but I found another way to do something constructive with my time. I noticed cold air coming in on  a window sill and have been using up some of the yarn stash  have here on what I'm calling a window warmer.  It's kind of a yarn bombing thing, but hopefully will block the cold air.  It's just the kind of simple crochet I need right now.

I brought along some yarn and a simple pattern for a cowl which I expect to need when the temperature gets colder.  A few days ahead, there's a prediction of lows around 0.

It seems impossible not to talk about weather when it comes to Chicago.  It really does change on a dime, sometimes.  Today is the 56th anniversary of the blizzard of 1967 where Chicago got 23 inches of snow.  What is even stranger was that the day before the temperature had been 65 degrees.  Funny, i don't remember the 65 degree day, but do remember the blizzard and walking home with snow coming in over the tops of my boots.  The snow drifts were as high as the mailboxes on the corner.  The snow out there now with barely covering the cars seems like a joke in comparison

The not being able to concentrate on writing only lasted so long.  My laptop has joined me in my chair and even with the arms of the chair in the way, I have found a way to type.  Next step is working on my latest project.  It will feel good to have something to show for this time beyond the bathroom.  


Patty said...

Good morning -- Sounds like a typical remodeling job -- always takes longer and takes lots more "stuff." We had a bathroom remodel that just about took over the house -- the workmen had stuff up and down the hallway, and our two-car garage was almost wall-to-wall tools, boxes, etc. But you have a lovely room to look forward to.

I grew up in Nebraska and remember really cold, snowy, windy walks to and from school -- it was a little over a mile. At that time, girls weren't allowed to wear long pants in class so I wore snow pants that had to be taken off when I got to school, along with heavy rubber boots. Quite a project but all girls had to do it -- just a part of life!!

Your window warmers are a good idea -- my grandmother made long fabric tubes, stuffed with scraps of fabric, to lay along the windows of our old house. Helped a lot.

Enjoy your day -- keep cozy and warm inside.

Sally Morrison said...

Oh my goodness. I remember that 1967 blizzard. I was having a birthday pajama party and I remember looking out the front window and seeing my girlfriends climbing over snowbanks with their pillows. I turned 14 that year. It was really a fun time for me. No school, birthday, and loads of snow.

Hope you love your new bathroom. And you get to eat some great food while you're in Chicago.

Betty Hechtman said...

Patty, the tube idea sounds good. Maybe I'll try crocheting them and stuff them in window cracks. Your remodel experience sounds like this one. The new toilet in a box iand a shop vac are blocking an entrance to the room I sleep in. Luckily there is another door. More stuff in the living room and in the hall. After days of them showing up later the expected, today they showed up early. Luckily, I was dressed. Once it's finished all this will be forgotten.

Looking back, it seems ridiculous that we weren't allowed to wear pants to school.

Betty Hechtman said...

Sally, sounds like you had fun during the blizzard and aftermath. I am looking forward to a functioning bathroom. The coffee shop on the corner has the best homemade soup. It changes everyday. Yesterday's offering was cream of potato. Delicious!

I'll probably get a pizza while I'm here from a neighborhood place. All the commotion going on has kind of made me lose my appetite.