Friday, September 15, 2023

Pareparing for the Blog Tour

 I finished all the blog posts for the tour, but not without some last minute hysteria. One of the posts is about how I happened to mix crochet and mystery and involved a granny square.  As I was about to send it off, I realized not everybody knows what a granny square looks like.  I had a sample one I'd used when I gave talks, but it disappeared with the upheaval of my yarn stash.  So, I made a new one and took a picture of it to include with the blog post.

I read all the posts over numerous times, but it wasn't until after I'd sent them off that I realized I hadn't included a bio.  I thought the tour director might add them before she forwarded them to the blog hosts,but to be sure, I resent them all with bios attached.  I'm still wondering if I missed something else, or if they make sense.  But too late.  Time to let them fly on their own.

Time to let KILLER HOOKS fly on its own too.  It will be out there to be loved, hated or thought of as meh.  Readers bring themselves to a book and interpret it through their life experiences.  

 I don't read reviews because if I believe the good ones, then I have to believe the bad ones too.  

I had an idea for one more blog, but it turned out I had already written enough of them.  I was going to write about the animals in the books.  I would say dogs and cats, but there was one pig in a book.  Almost all of them are based on real animals I have known.  I admit, I only met the pig once, but the rest of them have resided with me.  I figure that there have been 16 dogs and cats that have spent their lives in my household.  Each one had their own story.  

I was going to write about the terrier mix called Blondie in the Crochet Mysteries.  She is based on a dog we adopted from a shelter tucked into the Santa Monica mountains.  We had to go on a dirt road to get to the place.  We had already met the dog at an adoption event at a dog park.  We said we wanted her, but they insisted we come to the shelter and bring our other dog, also a terrier mix with us so they could meet and see if they got along  The shelter was run by a woman and she had a fenced in area where the dogs could meet.  She was so sure the two terrier females would tangle that she had a huge hucket of water to stop a fight.

She was amazed when they basically ignored each other and Blondie came home with  us.  She was like no other dog we'd had ever.  Just like the dog in the books, she was like the Greta Garbo of canines.  She spent all her time alone in a chair.  She didn't like to be cuddled or pet.  Her only joy seemed to be when I took her for a walk.  Only when I looked over the paperwork that came with her a second time, I realized she had been in the shelter for over a year and a half and came there as a puppy someone had found on the street.  She had been in an outdoor enclosure all that time and had never bonded with people.  Never cuddled next to some to sleep, or sat on furniture.  By the time she came to live with us, the dye was cast and she was who she was.  Also I found out that she had been adopted and returned, probably because of her aloofness.  It never occurred to us to do anything like that.  All the dogs and cats came with their personalities and we let them be who they were.


Patty said...

Good morning -- Great post today - it's really amazing how animals have such definite personalities. I never had a pet as a child because my grandmother, with whom we lived, didn't want animals around. My first dog was when I was about 28 years old -- a brown miniature poodle named Noel -- she was a Christmas present. The kids thought it was funny that Noel backwards was Leon -- they called her that!!

Why do we always second guess ourselves after a project is finished and sent? There is almost always something that could or should have been done differently but what is done is done.

I finished a cross-stitch afghan yesterday -- that pattern, the basketweave, moss stitch and a big granny square are my favorites to crochet.

Enjoy your day -- writing and crocheting.

Patty said...

Me again. I'm reading "Murder Ink" and just read the description of the Museum of Science and Industry and the replica of a coal mine in the basement. I was in Chicago when I was 11 years old -- 75 years ago -- and we went to the museum and down into the coal mine. The guide made it seem like we were way, way deep in the ground and talked about canaries in cages who died if there was poisonous gas. I was terrified!! And so relieved when I found out we were only in the basement of the building. We also went to Cicero -- I'd heard of the St. Valentine's Day massacre but didn't know the time frame -- I was afraid we'd be mowed down by machine guns at any minute. A scary trip for an 11-year-old girl from a quiet little town in Nebraska.

Betty Hechtman said...

Patty, loved the story about Noel Leon. I have finally let go of worry that I left something out of the blog posts. Also living with the imperfects in the little lion I am crocheting. Isn't it the imperfections that made it clear that it was handmade anyway?

it took me years before I figured out the coal mine was in the basement of the museum. It scared me too. It must have been scary to fo to the place where the St. Valentine's Massacre was.

I hope you enjoy the book.

chkntza said...

My friend just adopted a cat from Best Friends Adoption Center in West LA. His name is Lazlo and he has been in the shelter most of his life. He is a year old and gorgeous. He doesn't allow us to pick him up but we can pet him. He is full of energy and loves to run, jump and climb. Luckily my friend's bedroom and bathroom are huge so he plenty of space to run. He is a sweetheart.
Will we be able to see your blogs too?

Betty Hechtman said...

Chkntza, I bet Lazlo is happy to be in a home. His personality will probably blossom as he gets used to his new place. Who know, he may become a cuddle. So nice of your friend to take an adult cat and get him out of a cage.

I am posting the blog stops on Facebook with my author page and personal page. There are some stops that are spotlights and some reviews and some blogpost written by me. I hope nobody gets annoyed with seeing me share it all.

chkntza said...

I just read the first blog spot. I loved it! It is so interesting. I can't wait to read the new book.

chkntza said...

Lazlo likes to sleep at the top of the pillow and between my friend's legs. He is very happy.

Betty Hechtman said...

Chkntza, I saw Lazlo's picture on FB. How many cat's named Lazlo can there be. He's a beautiful cat. It sounds like he is bonding with your friend. He must be overjoyed to be in a real home.

chkntza said...

Yes that's him. He is bonding well and has a delightful personality.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I've seen some of your posts on FB about your blog tour, Betty. I'm sure it keeps you busy! I've been on blog tours too and they're fun but time-consuming.

And your story about Blondie is so sweet! You know how much I love animals, including writing about them. I'm sure Blondie loved you in her own way, even if she wasn't snuggly.