Friday, March 1, 2024


 I finished the draft of CLASSY YARNS and have set it aside while I go through the edits of KNOT DEAD AGAIN.  It is always interesting to go back to a manuscript that I haven't seen in a while.  I always go through the whole manuscript again and not just whatever my editor has noted.  Having some distance, I see where wording isn't clear.  I find that I pay more and more attention to the exact meaning of words.  I hate to admit that I have given up on a paper dictionary, both because the type is so small and it's not help when you have the spelling wrong.  With my phone I can type in an approximation to the spelling and get the word.

I am more like a reader on this go around, but a reader with the power to change things.  I am always surprised to find things I thought were clear, but now realize are not.  

Along with finishing the draft of CLASSY YARNS, I also finally finished the sunflower in a pot which is the kind of thing Annie Sara Hart likes to make.  She is a crochet artist who treats the yarn craft more like sculpture. I wasn't sure if sculpture was the right word.  I checked my phone and  it says that sculpture is a visual art that operates in three dimensions.  Technically, a scarf or afghan in three dimensional, but to me it's not the same as a doll or the sunflower, so I think sculpture works.

I want to continue on making small crocheted items like the sunflower in a pot.  It's part research for CLASSY YARNS, but also what I want to make.  It is very different than working on a giant granny square afghan. It isn't meditative, but a constant challenge to make the different parts, assembling them and finally sewing them together.  It is not something I can do while watching TV.  It's more exciting than relaxing as I watch the pieces come together.  I also want to do some of the more relaxing kind of crochet and work on afghan.  

I just found another bin of  yarn, so there's lots to work with.


Patty Jenkins said...

Good morning -- Your sunflower is adorable -- it looks like a smile!! And what fun to have found a bin of yarn -- do you get much time each day to crochet? I'm working through my stash -- current project is with the Stripes yarn called "Cool Stripes" -- shades of green, blue, turquoise and purple. It looks best in a simple pattern -- I"m doing an afghan with six rows of double crochet, four rows of single -- repeat to desired length, ending with the double crochet.

My daughter is doing report cards for her fourth grade class and she sends the comment sections to me to proofread -- I have lots of experience doing that. She can be amazingly tactful telling a parent their child is a total jerk in class and needs to shape up!!

News is showing epic blizzards in Tahoe, horrible wildfires in Texas. I'm hoping our Arizona summer won't be hotter than usual -- that's plenty hot!!

A bit of housework and lots of crocheting for me today -- enjoy your crocheting, your writing and your editing.

Sally Morrison said...

Love the sunflower. I haven't mastered that craft yet. I am just crocheting blankets and scarves and knitting hats. I have a friend that has an Etsy store where she sells crocheted fruit, vegetables, animals, whatever she can think of. So talented.

Looking forward to your next books.

Betty Hechtman said...

Patty, thank you for sending the pattern. I am anxious to try it.

My crochet time is usually evening. When I'm making something like the sunflower, I need to pay attention and have stitch markers at the the first and last stitches, along with counting the stitches in the rows. It takes concentration. I want to put together a kit for an afghan that I can work on when I just want to relax.

I laughed when I read what you said about your daughter doing the report cards.

We're about to get more rain and the sierras might get 8 feet of snow and that's after hearing a week or so ago that the snow pack was disappointing. The last summer was crazy here. The hurricane hit us in the summer and dropped a lot of rain. I can see why you're concerned about your summer.

The rain does make it easier to stay inside and work on things. Happy crocheting to you.

Betty Hechtman said...

Sally, it is a whole different experience making things like the sunflower in a pot or what your friend makes. The small pieces are quicker to complete, but aren't useful in the way scarves and blankets are. I like doing it all.

Thanks for the support!

chkntza said...

Your crochet flower is adorable. You have a lot of patience to do such detailed work. I'm happy with my afghans and scarves.I'm looking forward to reading your new books. It is very interesting to hear how you do the final edits. I also have mostly given up on paper dictionaries. It is so easy to type in a word and it just pops up. I still use my thesaurus to find different words so I don't always sound the same.