Friday, April 19, 2024


 I finished going through the proof pages for KNOT DEAD AGAIN and sent them in by my deadline.  It's all wrapped up now and will be up for pre-sale probably today.  I love the cover.

I immediately went back to working on CLASSY YARNS as it is due next week.  I am working on the ending right now and then will spend next week reading it over.  

And then there's the next Molly book.  I needed to push up the deadline for it and as I was discussing it with my editor and told him about the hot water leak and buckled floors, I realized it might turn out to be research for the next Molly book.  

I am still trying to clear stuff out and move things around so important things don't get lost when they actually start the work on the floors.  It's overwhelming and at the same time interesting.  I keep finding cool things I didn't know I had.  

There's a post that has been circulating on Facebook about gratitude and the difference between saying I have opposed to I get to... Just a slight change of words but a whole different perspective.  Just saying I get to and filling in the blanks in your mind feels different than  mentally saying I have to....

It really is how I want to live.


Patty Jenkins said...

Good morning -- You have been busy -- great to hear "Knot Dead Again" will be available soon.

Amazing what just a slight change of words can make -- my daughter, a 4th grade teacher for almost 40 years, says "I don't have to go to work, I get to go to school." She loves being a teacher and the kids love her. My 87th birthday was a couple days ago and she called me from her classroom -- 30 students sang "Happy Birthday" to me!!

I'm loving the stripes and color blocks yarns -- makes such pretty blankets. I finished the big granny square and the moss stitch blankets -- now doing a simple blanket of six rows of double crochet alternating with four rows of single crochet -- makes a nice stripe pattern.

Good luck going through all your stuff and finding things you'd forgotten about -- that's always fun. A friend in California has been sending me little things she's finding while going through long-stored boxes -- notes I wrote her years ago, even a detention slip my son received in junior high school!! Why she has that is a mystery!!

Enjoy your day -- hope the weather is cooperating -- gorgeous here.

Sally Morrison said...

Happy to report that 'Knot Dead Again' is available for pre-sale. Just signed up for my copy. I love all your books.

Do you like to read?

Linda O. Johnston said...

I appreciate your perspective, Betty. I'd rather look forward to something by saying "I get to--" instead of feeling forced to do it by "I have to--." And keep on writing!

Betty Hechtman said...

Patty, Happy Birthday! How sweet that the class sang to you. Your daughter sounds like a fabulous teacher.

I like the idea of two rows of double crochets ad two of single. I'll have to make a swatch to see what it looks like. It's great that with all these variegated and self striping yarns that you can make something colorful without having to change yarns.

Funny about the detention slip.

From a couple of warm sunny days here, we've gone back to cool and cloudy. But no rain. Enjoy your spring weather.

Betty Hechtman said...

Sally, thank you for ordering the book!

I do like to read. My family always keep me waiting for them and reading is a good thing to do while they take forever to get ready to go. I never thought I would say this, but I like reading on my phone. I always have it and it keeps my place.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, saying that you get to is far more joyful. Here's to both of us to keep writing.

Patty Jenkins said...

I'll pre-order "Knot Dead Again" today.

The six rows of double crochet and four of single crochet with the color block yarn is working well. I'll have to try two rows of each stitch -- that would give a different look.

Dana is a fantastic teacher. She is a computer whiz and has the kids doing all sorts of projects -- making little videos with dancing "creatures" -- fun ways to learn new things.

Have a good weekend -- hope you can do something fun, not stressful.

Patty Jenkins said...

Me again!! Just saw that "Knot Dead Again" will be released on May 14 -- that is a special day to me. It's my grandmother's birthday and also the day I got the first letter from Dan -- we were pen pals for six months before meeting and it was love at first sight. We were married almost 45 years when he died -- this year we'd be celebrating 70 years.

Betty Hechtman said...

Patty, your daughter sounds like every kid's dream teacher. Thanks for ordering the book. I love that you and your husband were pen pals first.

I working on the manuscript I am turning in on Friday in the morning. Then a family day trip to Ojai.

chkntza said...

I can't wait to read the new book. I love the cover. I look at going to the gym as an "I get to".